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“After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.” Revelation 7:9

“People matter.” This is our new tag line at Hamilton Mill UMC. People matter to God and they matter to us. It has been an exciting week of Vacation Bible School here at Hamilton Mill UMC. There were 173 youth who helped this week and they have been awesome. I am so grateful to Paul Knight for all his efforts and support. There were also over 127 adult volunteers and they were outstanding. There are simply too many to mention but I am so grateful to all those who gathered around Renee Dickhute, Tricia Perdew, Karen Suiter, and Karen Grogan and supported their vision.  I also want to thank Heather Korey, who went above and beyond, to help administratively behind the scenes. There were over 826 participants and 40 more in the nursery. All total, there were 1,166 people and every single one of them matter to God and to us.

This Sunday, we will look back and celebrate this great week that glorified God and strengthen the faith of our community. Also, we will have a special guest preacher. Bishop Sifredo Teixeira of Portugal will be sharing the good news of God’s work in his country. He will be accompanied by Reverend Eduardo Conde de Almeida. Our District Superintendent, Reverend Dana Everhart, and our District Lay Leader, Dale Smith, will also be with us.

The theme of this year’s Vacation Bible School was “Kingdom Rock.” Our children were reminded they are a part of a global spiritual community. This community transcends race, status, country and age. It is made up of people from every walk of life. There are young and old people in God’s kingdom. There are good people and sinners in God’s kingdom. There are Americans, Iranians, Africans and Portuguese people in God’s kingdom. One day, when the Kingdom of God comes crashing to earth in full force and God makes a new heaven and a new earth; we will all be gathered together before the throne. We will be one community, in one place. You will be there too because you matter to God.

The Methodist Church is doing great work in reaching the un-churched in the country of Portugal. I am grateful to be a part of a global church. It is biblical and it is exciting. As a United Methodist, you are a part of a global spiritual community. The most pressing need, of our brothers and sisters in Portugal, is for trained pastoral leadership. Here at Hamilton Mill UMC, we have been very blessed, over the years, with outstanding trained pastors. I want to challenge every member of our congregation to make a special offering this Sunday, in honor of our pastoral and staff leadership. We will dedicate 100% of these resources to the training of pastors in Portugal. We will keep you up to date about the good work being done in God’s name.

It will be through your generosity that congregations like ours, in Portugal, will be blessed with empowered and equipped clergy. Why should we care? Simply put, because people matter. The people that don’t know Christ in Portugal matter. They matter to God and they matter to us.

I’ll see you Sunday, and like you, I will be expecting a miracle.


In Christ,

Dr. David L. Davis

Author: Pastor David Davis