Copy of Copy of Copy of Time…Where does it go?

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Time.  It goes so fast.  I’ve heard it said…. the days go by slowly, but the years fly by fast!  This especially seems true when it comes to our kids.  It seems that in a blink of an eye, they cross new milestones, and then are gone.  If you don’t believe me, ask a parent who has just sent their child to college!   How can we best make use of the short amount of time we have with them?  In the book Think Orange , Reggie Joiner has some great ideas on when to talk to your kids and how to talk to your kids.  Each time of day can serve a different purpose.  Be intentional with your kids.  Put down your ‘I’-everythings and converse with your kids!

At mealtime, your role is teacher.  Conversation is formal. You are establishing values during this dinner time.

While you are driving, informal dialog should rule.  You are friends interpreting life!

First thing in the morning you are the coach, using encouraging words to instill purpose. At bedtime, you are building intimacy, acting as a counselor as the weight of the day falls on your child. 

  If we are intentional about how and when we talk to ours kid, we can have a greater impact on their lives. 

 Let’s partner together to build up our kids.  Let’s build a strong faith in each child we encounter.  Go on our website and you will find links called Parent Cues to help give you ideas.  See you at church on Sunday. 


Author: Renee Dickhute

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