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“All things work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purposes.”  Romans 8:28

We are all stewards. We all make decisions about how, when and where we will use our time, talents, resources and commitments. We are also stewards over our life challenges. In times of challenge, we get to decide who we are and what we are all about.

Ann and Gundar Dotter were faced with an interesting situation to manage. They managed it well and used it to grow their children forward.

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A message from Anne Dotter:

This is an unfortunate story, a story of “not me,” “I didn’t do it,” and “I didn’t see anything” mantra. To the parents in this household, this means only one thing: You are all equally in trouble! It all began two months ago, after an episode with two of the children wrestling near the TV. Of course, this may seem harmless, if there had not been a golf club in one of their hands, which proceeded to smash into the TV! Uh oh! Now, you may be wondering WHY in the world is there an outside item, i.e. a golf club, inside the house? It seems as though we shouldn’t have allowed it. Well, we have good ol’ Grandpa to thank for this. It is actually a billiards game they received for Christmas one year, golf clubs and golf balls (which come into the story later) to play on a felt mat, with plastic pockets, for playing a great game of pool. So, as it goes, the two children who were involved were punished with a standard grounding, no friends and no TV or video games. Done Deal, right? Apparently not.

Less than two months later, it’s a Sunday night and my husband proceeds to go down to the basement to watch some football, only to find the new TV, we had just replaced a month ago, with a huge crack in the screen! He looks around and sees two of those billiard golf balls lying on the floor. This can’t possibly be. What in the world? NO!!!!!! All he wanted to do was watch some football. So, even though it’s a school night and already 9:30pm we charge up to the bedrooms. “Who knows what happened to the TV?” We were met with the replies, “Not me!”  “I didn’t do it!” and “I didn’t see anything!”

It was time to face some real consequences. If we couldn’t find an answer to what happened, well then, everyone was in trouble. Even though our children are still young, this is serious business. It was not an inexpensive item that got broken, it wasn’t a broken vase or a broken toy, it was a $900.00 brand new TV that was broken! And not only once, but TWICE!!

We began the punishment with the standard lecture, “Do you know how hard we work to provide for you and this family?”  “Money doesn’t grow on trees!!” We were met with blank stares. We said, “Well, let us help you understand what it means to work hard and earn something for what you do.”


  • Step one:  Cut out 900 paper dollars as fast as you can.
  • Step two:  Earn them back by doing chores. In the meantime, while you are earning them back, there will be no friends, no TV, no screens what so ever.
  • There will also be no Cub Scout camping trip this weekend and no birthday party for a friend either.

At this point, the kids have finished cutting their 900 paper dollars and started earning the money back through chores for us and any chores my friends and neighbors may have. There are plenty lined up! I have lots of friends with dogs, so kids grab those pooper scoopers and we’ll see you this weekend.

IMAG0424With that said, I am a mom. I know what they did was pretty severe, but I’m still a mom and the soft hearted one. They are still so young and I don’t want them to miss out on the fun stuff for “too” long. Pouting around the house, because it’s taking forever to earn back so much money and the constant loving companionship between the three of them being cooped up (are you getting my sarcasm) is punishing me too! So, I came up with an idea to help them earn it back more quickly, while doing something good for a lot of people. I explained there are many people right here in our community that don’t have the luxury of a TV, some may not have a stable place to live and some don’t even have food to eat every day. I told the children and left it up to them, that if they wanted, they could gather some of their piggy bank money from past birthdays and special occasions, and we could go grocery shopping with that money. We would then donate all the food to The Church Pantry to help those less fortunate in our community. Well, I’m actually proud to say, they pooled their money and we went to Kroger and purchased $352.83 for The Pantry!

They are now well on their way to getting their “debt” paid off, learning their lesson and having something good come out of something unfortunate.


Anne M. Dotter





Author: Pastor David Davis