Have you used a ladle lately?

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Last week we followed Frank Donovan into a soup kitchen and watched as he continued his journey towards living generously.

If you didn’t have a chance to watch the video, we hope you’ll catch up by watching below:

As Frank learned, we’re called to be “ladle people” not “spoon people.” Listen to Re share for a moment about our need to live generously in all areas of our lives:

Here are a few stories from fellow HMUMC members who have been “Living Generously” with the money envelopes they found in services on Week 2: POOR.

“My envelope contained $1.00. My first thought was what can I possibly do to make a difference with this, even if I  doubled, tripled or quadrupled it. But it did make me do a lot of soul searching to find a way to help the most with so little. My solution is not a heart rendering story, but I finally decided to add a few dollars to it and go shopping for the pantry. Maybe a family or two can enjoy a meal or two that they otherwise may not have had.”


“I put $30.00 dollars with the $5 in the envelope and gave to pantry for a Thanksgiving Dinner.”


“There was an envelope with $20 under my seat in church on 10/20. I took the envelope to my Life Group meeting that evening.  Every couple contributed another $20, bringing the total amount to $120.  We decided to give this money to Chalise Sarazen (her husband passed away recently) for her to use however she chooses.”


“We decided to buy lots of cans of beans for the pantry so families can get the nutrition they need from our awesome pantry outreach ministry.”


Have you had the chance to “live generously” this week? We’d love to hear how you’ve been serving! Leave us a comment below.

Author: Jonathan Andersen

Assistant Pastor

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  1. Linda Thompson Posted on November 1, 2013 at 10:16 pm

    Sounds like our congregation Is getting the message, Praise the Lord!!!

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