Sowing a Blessed Life

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“We live by faith, not by sight.”  2 Corinthians 5:7

It has been a busy week of ministry. I know all of us at Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church are remembering the Rutherford family in our prayers. We pray for strength, peace and the healing hand of God to flood their hearts as they grapple with the unexpected loss of their son. I don’t know of anything more tragic than the death of a child. 

We have been talking about what it means to live a life that is generous toward others and generous toward God. The other day Bruce Brown, one of our congregational leaders and I were talking about the challenges in living that kind of life. One of greatest challenges we face is diminishing horizons. It used to be that we could “see” into the distance. Often people had jobs that would last a lifetime. Families rarely moved. Income was relatively stable. Life was pretty predictable. It was easier to make year-long financial or volunteer commitments. Life was a lot like driving in Kansas, you could see for miles and miles. 

These days, the road of life is full of twists and turns. We live in a time of fluctuating incomes, additional last minute demands and encroaching deadlines. People relocate more often than they want to, and most people worry about keeping their jobs. It is hard to see down the horizon and make a three-month commitment, much less one that is a year- long. In our saturated lives we often live under an umbrella of urgency. These days, life is less like driving in Kansas and more like driving in the mountains on a foggy night! 

In times like this, we need to lift our eyes from the horizon and look further down the road. As people of faith, we live by faith and trust, and not by what is right in front of us. Living a generous life is not just about what we give, what we share or the ways we spend our time in service to others. Living a generous life is an affirmation that God is generous toward us. I believe that God will supply that which we need to give. In fact, tithing is giving God back 10% of the 100% he gave you! When hearing God’s call upon our life, God will lead us into forms of service that employ our best gifts and our deepest passions. When we open our hearts up to people, we need to remember that God has already opened HIS heart to us and has filled us with every spiritual blessing. When we sow the seeds of generosity that God has already provided to us, we’re sowing blessings into our future. We’re living by faith and not by fear. 

This Sunday, we’re going to ask each family in our church to trust God. We’re going to invite you to trust God with your time, with your worship, with your mind and with your resources. We are going to ask you to fill out a card, bring it forward and place it on the altar. In fact, you can see a copy of this card online  take a look!

We hope that you’ll pray, search the heart of God and ask yourself who God has called you to be. I know that Rachael and I are planning on making our best offering. No “stinky sheep” offering to God from our house. We hope you will join us in offering God our best, for his glory in the church and in the world.

In Christ, 

Dr. David L. Davis


Author: Jenn Harris

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  1. Barbara R. Moses Posted on November 8, 2013 at 5:52 pm

    I have been attending HMUMC since 2012 – however, I am a member of First United Methodist of Marietta. I must continue my membership there since I lived there since 1955. I must support that church, but I also want to support HMUMC – so I plan to give $25.00 monthly. I love HMUMC and truly enjoy all ministers. I sing in the choir and love this and feel like I am giving to the church with my time and talent. I must say that I loved Dr. Sam Matthews” sermons but Dr. David Davis is awesome – might say better. But don’t tell my friend, Dr. Sam. However, I have already told him about Dr. David and he said he was terrific. Blessings

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