Annual Ministry Finance Campaign Update

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I wanted to take a moment to bring you up to date on the 2014 plan for ministry. The leadership of the church has submitted a proposed 2014 budget which is 7% higher than 2013. The largest proposed increase was in the student ministry budget. Almost 305 students from 6th – 12th grade come to our church on a weekly basis. That number is up by almost 70% from last year. The proposed increase includes spiritual formation materials, seminars for parents, leadership development conferences for counselors and resources for youth to serve the community. Additional staff has been proposed allowing us to build separate Middle School and High School Ministries. Also, new for 2014 is additional funding for the Home Builders Ministry, The Good Samaritan Fund and our Solomon House for women rescued from human trafficking. Last, in an effort to strengthen our traditional service, there is a proposed increase in worship for music, orchestra and resources allocated for our choral ministry. I am very excited about the proposed budget and I believe God is calling us to take a step forward.

At Hamilton Mill UMC the foundation for the construction of a Ministry Plan is built upon our trust in God together. When you pray and seek God’s direction in your giving, two things happen.  One, your relationship with God grows as you learn to trust God on a deeper level. Second, it allows the leadership of the church to plan wisely.

So far we have received:

  • 75 Estimates of Giving this year that we did not have last year.
  • 150 families have increased their projected giving to the church.
  • 42 families decreased their estimates of giving.
  • 103 are committing to give the same in 2014 that they gave in 2013.
  • 9 families have moved or passed away.

So far we have we have received $1,543,271 in estimates of giving from 370 families. The average estimate of annual giving so far is $4,171. There are 164 families that submitted estimates last year that have yet to do so and another 100 families we hope will jump in for 2014.

On December 17, 2013 your Finance Committee will prayerfully begin the process of forming the 2014 Ministry Budget. That budget will be finalized by January 14, 2014. Careful attention will be given to stewardship, effectiveness and the church’s vision. I believe God is calling us to move forward in ministry. As I said in my sermon last Sunday, “to plunge ourselves, our time, our resources, our talents, our gifts and our hearts into the broken fabric of our world.”

I believe in the vision of our church to make devoted followers of Jesus Christ. I believe in our vision to grow spiritually strong children and youth. And I believe in our vision to bring hope and God’s loving-kindness to the hurting of this world.

If you have not yet completed an Estimate of Giving we want to encourage you to prayerfully do so. You’ll grow spiritually. Your church can plan responsibly. Together we’ll do God’s work in the community. We need your support. You may submit an estimate of giving one of three ways. One, the Estimate of Giving Living Generously card will be in chapel seats the next two weeks. Simply fill it out and place it in the offering place. Second, you may fill one out on-line click here . Third, you can drop by the office and you’ll find cards on the welcome center.

Our God is faithful. I know as you look back, you’ll see God has always been there for you. God asks us in so many ways to decide in advance who we’re going to be and what we’re going to do for his work in the world.  I hope you will join Rachael and I as well as the leadership of the church in being a significant part of the churches world in 2014.

In Christ

David Davis

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