A Christmas Gift of Love From Thoughtful Children to Children in Need

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Last week, a group of children filled with the giving spirit of Christmas decided to raise money by selling ornaments and Christmas cookies. They asked for donations only and wanted to give it to a needy family in the church around Christmas. They raised over $300! “The kids were very excited about doing something good around Christmas time,” Mandy Hackney, HMUMC member and mother of two of these thoughtful children said.



The group included:

Wesley & Will Sowders

Hayden & Haylee Stone

Jake & Hannah Page

Jack Morris

Jackson & Cole Hackney

Davis & Carter Shields

Olivia & Sophia Wright

Hannah, Ivy Grace, & Carter Shaw (Not pictured)


This special act of Christmas kindness was contagious around the church, and the HMUMC staff knew we needed to do something very special with this generous gift. Pastor Dave had a wonderful idea, “Why don’t we use this gift from the children to bless other children this Christmas season.”

As many of you know, Hamilton Mill UMC is a very busy place on Saturday morning. Volunteers gather each week to help the over 200 people that have come to rely on The Pantry to feed their families each week. When the families drive up to receive their bags of food, we are always humbled by the sweet children that come in along with them. With lots of help from Robin Boozer, Roger Freeman and Mandy Hackney, we decided to bless the children that come to The Pantry at HMUMC with a surprise wrapped Christmas gift. Over 40 toys were purchased and wrapped in preparation for these precious children.

photoLast Saturday, the group of children gathered together once again to use the money they raised to bless the children in our community that need our help the most with a toy wrapped with love. These children and their parents are yet another reason why Hamilton Mill UMC is truly a place “where people matter.” And this my friends, is also a wonderful example of the true meaning of Christmas!

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  1. Marilyn Dempsey Posted on December 19, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    It is so wonderful and heart-warming to see this spark light up the TRUE meaning of Christmas in showing love to others. I imagine these children received more than they gave in return.

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