One Heart

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All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had.  Acts 4:32

On behalf of the staff and leadership of the congregation, I want to say thank you for a great year of giving and ministry in 2013. We anticipated that you as a congregation would give $2,164,543 for budgeted ministry. Instead, you have given $2,201,882 in addition to record amounts given for Children’s Ministry Renovations and Mission projects. The financial strength of our congregation is grounded in families like yours, that seek God’s leading then trust God’s provision throughout the year. Our shared ministry is built on that sacred trust.

We are making plans to finalize the 2014 ministry budget. This budget represents the plans, dreams and vision God has placed on the hearts of his people. We are looking to expand the mission and service to the poor and often forgotten. Increases include funding of the Solomon House Gwinnett, Hamilton Mill’s home for trafficked women. We have also secured additional staff allowing us to build separate Jr. High and Sr. High student ministries. God is blessing our student ministry, the congregation has long needed to maintain separate distinct middle school and high school programs. Additionally, we are investing in our facilities. Our buildings are aging and they will require greater care and attention. Last, we are expanding the resources allocated to growing our congregation and young adults spiritually, and placing more resources into our choir so that we can strengthen our traditional worship.

To date, we have received 406 estimates of giving for a total of $1,704,211. The 2013 budget was based on 466 estimates of giving for a total of $1,804,477. If you have not yet turned in an Estimate of Giving for 2014, we need your help. We are a traditional church. Financially, it has been our tradition to use these estimates of giving as a guide in projecting what plans the leadership of the church can make for 2014. This is a spiritual and prayerful process that takes into account the spiritual maturity and commitment of the whole community. God has blessed us. God is blessing you. I pray that we can be a church that seeks God’s best in 2014.

Estimates of Giving can be submitted up until January 15. They are in seat backs in the chapel, at the welcome center in the narthex and can also be filled out online at

After January 15, we will set an appropriate Ministry Budget for 2014. I believe that we are ready to move to the next and exciting level of ministry. I also believe that we won’t be able to do that unless all of us seek God’s leadership, trust in God’s provision and do our part. I know all of us love Hamilton Mill UMC. I am asking you to trust God. I believe when we step out in faith, God responds. When He responds, it’s always good.

In Christ,

David L. Davis

Author: Pastor David Davis

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  1. Cheri Loy Posted on January 10, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    Please prayfully consider this. Our church is a mission based church!! The more we give, the more we can help!!