February On The Rooftop! – Faith

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Faith is believing in what you can’t see because of what you can see.  Through what we can see around us, we can trust that what God tells us in the Bible is true.  All month long we will dive into stories from the Bible where the disciples learned to trust Jesus by seeing

His miracles being performed.  They learned that as long as they kept their focus on Him, they stayed on track.  When they strayed from Him, fear and doubt would begin to take over their lives.

Our theme this month is seeing is believing and we have decorated our set like a science lab!  We will perform experiments live and on screen that help tell the story of faith.   Don’t miss out on our wacky science adventures and more importantly on the truths presented from God’s word!  See you on the Rooftop!

Author: Traci Lowry

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