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Our campaign is in full swing and there is excitement in the air! God is giving us the opportunity to make more room for people that HE will draw to HIS church. Additionally, we will add a Choral Suite for the Music Ministry. The new Worship Center will also serve as our new Fellowship Hall. Last, we will be renovating the existing sanctuary for a new and vibrant Student Center. Think about all that is moving forward!
This Sunday, March 9, we will be announcing the Advance Gifts Campaign results. Thank you, Bob and Nancy Kelley, for heading this up. Thank you, to all, that were able to participate. I am excited to share this information with you. Clearly, the leadership of this church is excited about what God is calling all of us to do. You will want to be in church this Sunday to hear this exciting announcement.
Sunday, March 16, is our Coming Together Sunday. We will be inviting everyone to bring their Growing Together Pledge Cards forward. Please remember to think about this in a 3 year span.   These estimates are used by the bank to determine our qualification for a loan. This is an exciting time for all of us to come together!
Sunday, March 30, is Celebration Sunday. That afternoon we will be announcing the results and enjoying fun activities, such as a cookout and a special musical concert, featuring Dykes Doyle.
As we prepare our hearts to hear God’s invitation, I want to share a few personal reasons why my family is participating in this campaign:
  • First, we began to imagine a growing church where people are consistently being invited to discover what it means to live a full relationship with Jesus Christ. We pictured a Student Center, filled with kids six days a week, hearing God’s word and being prepared for future leadership. We decided in advance, we want to be a part of this future.    
  • Second, I considered what had been done for me. When I became a Christian, just after my 17th birthday, I had no idea what others had done to build that church. I was so overwhelmed with the good news of a God who loved me and had a future for me; I never stopped to consider the sacrifices others had made. We had a nice youth room in that church where all of us could talk and study God’s word.  All of this was provided by people who had come before me. Filled with gratitude, I understand that this is now my time to do for others, what others have previously done for me.
  • Third, we asked God to show us how to give. We prayed that God would stretch and challenge us to make the kind of commitment we could only keep with HIS power. We have become energized by this opportunity to step out in faith, and trust God in a deeper way.
  • Fourth, we thought about the people of this church. As we read through the Growing Together Prayer Devotional (this devotional will be handed out this Sunday, March 9) we were blessed by God, once again, at how devoted to Christ we have become as a church. The prayers of the youth, children, and two members, who recently rededicated their life to Christ, are remarkable. It is important for us to always stand with them.
  • Fifth, I listened to the voice of God in my heart. God spoke, and said that He needed us to support His work. This is true for everyone. Unless all of us search our hearts and do all God has called us to do, we will never be able to move forward for God. It is only together that we can ever hope to be the church God has called and needs us to be.
Last, let me say thank you in advance, for all your support and prayers. Most often, every expansion project comes with some resistance.   I have been overwhelmed with how positive everyone has been. This is the right project, at the right time, for the right reasons.
I am looking forward to seeing and experiencing all that God is going to do!
Dr. David L. Davis


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