Thanks to your donations we filled 182 Easter Baskets for Foster Kids & Pantry Patrons!

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A tremendous thanks to all who donated for Easter Baskets for Foster kids!

Thanks to your generous support combined with the 100 buckets collected by our HMUMC preschool, the Girls of Grace group filled 142 baskets for Gwinnett Children’s Foundation and 40 baskets for our Pantry patrons kids!

Many thanks to all who were involved! Including, Barbara Lee, Christa, Randi Shrek, Lisa Hanger, Anna Hanger,  Rachel Davis, Beth Roloff, Sandie Crawford, John Allen (for driving the bus with Cheri’s bad directions!) Sarah Wigle, Whitney Hall, Sara Bevil, Ansley Hutson, Hannah Battle, Caroline Roloff, Kristen Szalkowski, Sarah-Cate Rice, Marissa Harkins, Abby Uzell, Cecilia McIntyre, Katie Wooten, Colby Tibbetts, Jenna Everson, Kinsey Miller, Anslley Rembert, Stella Zeephat, Cierra Dunham, Laura Williams, Allison Avery, and Anna Gelderman.  My apologies if I missed anyone!!

This blog was written by guest writer, Cheri Loy.

Thank you, Cheri for sharing this exciting news with us and for leading this mission project.

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One Response to "Thanks to your donations we filled 182 Easter Baskets for Foster Kids & Pantry Patrons!"

  1. David Posted on April 3, 2014 at 10:08 pm

    Cheri has been serving like this for years. Year in and year out consistency. She loves kids.
    She loves The Lord.

    Thank you kids and Cheri

    Pastor Dave

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