Day 3 – Work & Play

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Today’s entry written by Abigail Renner

I would like to start off by thanking all of our leaders. They have worked so hard over the past few days.




Today, we were blessed with beautiful weather as we started our day by working in the construction site. Everyone worked really hard, and God was definitely working through all of us to build the new facility. We laid cement blocks, and got to talk and play with some of the children that live nearby.  They love to play soccer. After working for a while, the cooks went above and beyond to prepare us a delicious lunch that was delivered to our work site.





After we ate, we split off into two groups. Half of us went to Happy Tummies and the other half of us stayed at the construction site. Students at the construction site made significant progress, while the students at Happy Tummies played with the children, and watched them grow in their faith.

The children were very excited to see us, and they loved when we would pick them up and spin them around.






Our hearts were touched as we prayed over one of the girls with family problems. Her parents were fighting a lot that day, and since she was old enough to finally understand it, she was very upset. All parents fight and argue sometimes, but we just have to remember that everything is in God’s hands and “that all things work together for good to those who love God” (Romans 8:28). I think a lot of people can relate to a situation like this.

We ended the day with a wonderfully prepared dinner and a time of reflection.

We all love and miss you back home.

Glory to God for this beautiful trip!


Author: Jonathan Andersen

Assistant Pastor

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