Day 5 – Favorite Moments Part 2

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Yesterday was our final day of work and we were able to take part in some amazing things.

First, we continued to do construction work on a future site for Happy Tummies–an after school ministry where kids receive food, teaching, love, and the message of Jesus.

Next, some people spent time with the “Abuelitos” helping them with a craft we brought and with the crafts that they like to make.

We ended the day with “Happy Feet.” Around 200 people gathered in a local church and we fitted each one of them with shoes that YOU donated to us! We each knelt down, took off a shoe, went to our stockpile, searched for one that would fit them well, and then placed the pair on their feet. It was a long process but it was a blessing to see the smiles on people’s faces as they received a new pair of shoes fitted just for them. For free.

As we wind the trip down (today we’re traveling to Antigua where we’ll stay before we fly out tomorrow morning), I hope you realize that the stories of how God has worked in everyone’s lives can’t be contained in these blog posts or short videos. I hope you’ll talk to the students and adults to hear more as we all return!

Hopefully we’ll post another entry before heading home. In the meantime you can watch Part 2 of our favorite moments on the trip so far:


Author: Jonathan Andersen

Assistant Pastor

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  1. Georgia Posted on April 11, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    So excited to see these videos and how much everyone has been impacted by this trip!! Sorry I won’t be there to greet you home (work) but I’m praying for your safe return!!

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