Easter Sunday 2014 at HMUMC

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What an incredible Easter at Hamilton Mill UMC!

We had over 2,400 people in attendance at our six services on Sunday. It was amazing to see so many people from our community gather to celebrate our risen Christ. The huge crowd is just another reason why now is the time for us to Grow Together – Generation to Generation. We have heard some wonderful Easter stories from staff, members and visitors. Let’s celebrate what God did in our church this Easter!


Here are a few Favorite Moments from Easter Sunday 2014 at HMUMC…




“My favorite Easter moment was watching as people poured out of their cars early on Sunday morning to gather together to worship the risen Christ first thing in the morning!”

– Jonathan Andersen










“We really enjoyed picking out flowers from our own garden for the girls to put on the cross at HMUMC. Over an hour later you could still see the tulips we brought, but they were part of a whole. The cross was beautiful covered with so many flowers. In addition, it just warms my heart to hear my 1st grader talk about how Jesus put us first by giving up his life and so therefore she needs to think about putting others first. The meaning of Easter can be easily missed amongst Peeps and Easter Eggs, but HMUMC helps our family celebrate the true spirit of Easter and it was a lovely morning with friends and family.”

– Kelly Dyar










“I was so warmed at the sight of so many of our members jumping in and helping out in the tent.  Everyone grabbed chairs, took down the sides, held poles, greeted people.  They all jumped in and joined in. Even after the service they stayed and reset the tent for the 11:00 service so that it looked great.  It really made me grateful for our church family. Some of those volunteers (but not all of them by any means!) were: Drew Philo, James, Brackett, Daniel Morgenroth, Stuart Hackney, David Yoak, David Maibe and Ryan Harris!”

– Robin Boozer









“We loved sitting outside for Easter Service, with the wind whipping through the tent, the sermon was even more intense and dramatic! We loved it!!!”

– Courtney Johnson











“We enjoyed a wonderful service at 11:00 under the tent. Pastor Mincey, as always, presented a message that was timely and touching. He always knows how to talk to each of us and bring out the glory of God!  A wonderful Easter celebration – He Is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!”

– Lynne Keener






“On the Rooftop the opening song was “My Redeemer Lives”.  The energy was amazing in the room and during the song the Holy Spirit was definitely working.  After the bridge, there’s a worshipful part of the song where the singers repeat “my redeemer lives”.  Many of the kids had their hands raised and were singing along.  It was beautiful from my vantage point…I could see the stage and all of these sweet little hands raised towards heaven in worship!”

– Traci Lowry







“Our family loves the relaxation that Easter afternoon brings. We are blessed to have family that lives close by that we visit for lunch and time to kick back and just BE!  After worshipping in the tent and enjoying the blustery morning,  we spent the afternoon at the lake taking in the glorious views overlooking the water the He provides to us. What a treat it was to spend time with a fishing pole in my hand and relaxing with Jeff and the kids in the hammock!

– Heather McCreary




April 27 Sermon Slide - Living as Resurrection People

We have so much to celebrate here at HMUMC. Easter Sunday tends to be a day when we get lots of visitors, people are excited about inviting friends and family and we get to focus on what God has done for us in Christ. But the even more exciting news is that Jesus is alive, so every Sunday is resurrection Sunday.  Invite a few friends to join you for services again this Sunday, where we will learn more about the “Good and Beautiful” series with a special sermon titled “Living as Resurrection People.”



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  1. Mary Jac Neal Posted on April 22, 2014 at 10:24 pm

    We loved seeing the pictures of the families with the “Cross of Flowers”. We now realize what we missed by not staying for the second service too and going out to the tent. What a rare opportunity to hear an Easter sermon given by both Pastor Dave and Pastor Jason! Next year we will know! The smiles of Joy from all we greeted on Easter once again shows what a very special place HMUMC is, and not just on this very special Easter day, but everyday.

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