HMUMC Preschool Picnic – Change of Plans for Tomorrow

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Preschool LogoChange of Plans for the HMUMC Preschool Picnic

Tomorrow, May 15

Due to the weather forecast we are going to have to move our picnic to the preschool tomorrow.

We are unable to change the time we use the pavilion at Duncan Creek Park due to having to rent it months in advance, so classes will come during their scheduled time below and have the picnic in the classroom. Food has already been ordered and you will come and have you breakfast or lunch and then have an activity. Please come and join us at the preschool tomorrow, May 15 for our picnic.

Preschool Class Picnic Times

2’s 9-10am

3’s 10:00-11:15am

4/5’s 11:15-12:30

Come to your classroom and you will picnic with your friends and have a fun activity. Parents this is not a preschool day, you are to stay with your children. We have to follow the times to come, due to some rooms having to share their space. Also, teachers will be helping in other classrooms when it is not their scheduled time.

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