VBS 2014 – Day 2

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VBS Day Two – For we are God’s masterpiece!

We had another great day at VBS. Take a look…


weird-animals-vbs-logoWeird Animals VBS 2014 – Rotations Stations

What have the kids been doing all day? Well, we keep things fun and exciting here at VBS with our unique Rotation Stations. Kids are divided into “Crews” with mixed ages and a Crew Leader. These Crews move throughout the various stations. All crews start and finish together in the big assemblies.

Ask your kids what their favorite station was today and why!

Sing & Play Stampede (Everyone)
The kids all start the day together singing a fun mix of classic worship songs and brand-new praise songs.

One-Of-A-Kind Bible Adventures
Kids experience the Bible in wild and wacky ways, and then they circle up with their Zoo crews for thought-provoking discussions.

KidVid Cinema and Missions
Kids watch films about real kids living the real-life adventure of knowing and following Jesus. Each day kids at Weird Animals VBS will meet a new friend that will remind them how much God loves them.

Imagination Station
Imaginations soar as kids experiment with Sciency-Fun Gizmos™ that reinforce the Bible point for that day.

Untamed Games
Kids run, jump, and even splash through games that connect with the daily Bible verse.

Critter Cafe (Everyone)
All the Crews comes together to eat snacks that connect with that day’s Bible verse.

Tail End (Everyone)
Closing Assembly everyone gathers together again.



Day2LeafySeaDragon_Hi_ResHere is a Quick Overview of What We Learned on Day 2

Bible Point: Even though you’re different…Jesus loves you!

Bible Verse: “For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus.” (Ephesians 2:10)

Bible Story: Jesus reaches out to a Samaritan woman. (John 4:1-30)

Bible Buddy: Fern the Leafy Sea Dragon





Day 2: Highlight Video





A Few Fun Quotes & Pictures from our 2014 VBS Campers Today!

If you would like to share your VBS quotes or pictures, please email them to jenn.harris@hmumc.org.


“In untamed games, we played a game where even with different size containers, the game still works. Just like with Jesus, we are all different but He still loves us.” – Abby Graeser







“We LOVE to sing and dance!” – Ella Harris, Caroline Jones & Piper Gadd








DSC_0413“We are enjoying the adventure! It is fun. The kids are really getting a lot out of this.” – Barbara Lee & Cheri Loy, Crew Guides







“I love that we are learning about God every day.” Emily Johnson


“I get to be with friends and help younger kids hear about God.” – Ethan Johnson





“I like the beginning of the day with all of the signing and dancing to fun music.” – Reno Vorderlandwehr





“My favorite activity is arts and crafts, because I am just an arts and crafts girl!” – Abby Warren












Thanks to Krispy Kreme Mall of Georgia for donating 75 dozen doughnuts for VBS!!


More Pictures!


0R1B4630 IMG_2840 mascot2 opening5 opening8 opening9 photo 1 photo sillygirlsrorybecca stage Weird Animal





















































































If you would like to share your VBS quotes or pictures, please email them to jenn.harris@hmumc.org.


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  1. Jerry Still Posted on June 3, 2014 at 8:42 pm

    great ,, I love going thru this after every day… but one thing… you thanked Krispy Crème for the doughnuts but nothing about that kitchen staff that is busting there butt every day to make the kids happy… sorry Jenn.. you do a great job.. just a jealous husband thanking his wife for the work she does.. and all the kitchen staff…


    • Jenn Harris Posted on June 3, 2014 at 9:30 pm

      Yes, Jerry you are 100% correct. The kitchen staff has been amazing this week. They have really out done themselves. From breakfast, to snacks and even fresh baked cookies for our VBS parents! Thank you all for your dedication and hard work. We Love our Kitchen Angels at HMUMC!

  2. Todd Welborn Posted on June 3, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    Today, my five year old VBS student said she liked VBS “more than the beach.” She even told this to my mother-in-law, who we went to the beach with last week! Thanks to her “new friend” that she made today, Marisa or Melissa. She was thrilled about the day!

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