VBS 2014 – Day 3

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VBS Day Three – Jesus Loves You…even when you do not understand!

Another great day at VBS. Take a look…


weird-animals-vbs-logoWeird Animals VBS 2014 – Mission Projects

The Methodist Children’s Home

This year we added a new mission project – The Methodist Children’s Home.  This is a grade level competition and the children are having fun contributing extra change (or dollars) and placing them into the large jar for their grade level.  This was introduced to the children on Monday. Thank you for all of the contrubutions so far. The kids are having fun while racing to rasing money for a great cause!

Grade Level Mission Project

We are still collecting items for our missions project for each grade.  Please bring in these items by tomorrow, Thursday.  The items can be sent in with your child in the morning or dropped off in the “Nest” by the entrance to the Sanctuary at pick-up.  We are making Birthday Bags for the Gwinnett Children’s Shelter and DFACS, as well as, collecting food for The Pantry at HMUMC.

Kindergarten:  Canned goods for the food pantry and birthday candles

1st Grade:  Party favors, decorations, balloons (for children 12 years and older)

2nd Grade:  Eating utensils, cupcake liners, and cake pans

3rd Grade:  Paper goods (plates, napkins, cups) For children 12 years and older.

4th Grade:  Book, board game, playing cards, pens and pencils. (For children 12 years and older)

5th Grade:  Medium to large gift bags, tissue paper, pens and pencils (For children 12 years and older)

6th Grade:  $5 gift cards to local merchants (i.e.  Zaxby’s, Wal-Mart, Arby’s, etc.)

Youth Volunteers:  $5 gift cards to local merchants (i.e. Zaxby;s, Wal-mart, Target, etc)



Day3StarNosedMole_Hi_ResHere is a Quick Overview of What We Learned-Day 3

Bible Point: Even when you don’t understand…Jesus loves you!

Bible Verse: “Do to others as you would like them to do to you.” (Luke 6:31)

Bible Story: Jesus washes the disciples’ feet. (John 13:1-17)

Bible Buddy: Milton the Star-Nosed Mole





Day 3: Highlight Video





A Few Fun Quotes & Pictures from our 2014 VBS Campers Today!

If you would like to share your VBS quotes or pictures, please email them to jenn.harris@hmumc.org.


photo“I like singing and dancing to the song It’s Amazing. This week I have learned that even if you are left out, Jesus loves you.”

-Katlee Keliher






photo (3)

“VBS is awesome!!!!”

– Alyssa Gaddis and Colin Pittman.








photo (2)“Thank you so much, Kitchen Angels for making us breakfast and snacks all day – every day! You are amazing and we love you!”

– Love the HMUMC Staff & VBS Volunteers






photo (1)

“I love to dance to the VBS song All Around the World.”

-Faith Lowrie





“I love my new little buddy in my VBS crew.”

-Kaitlin Morganroth, Youth Volunteer

“I love talking to the little kids.”

– Courtney Burleigh, Youth Volunteer


“I love seeing all the kids. It is fun being around them and leading them in singing and dancing to the VBS songs.”

– Cammie Roche, VBS Dancer

“It is fun seeing them dance and getting into the music.”

-Sydney Purnell, VBS Dancer





“I love the Bible stories we learn each day.”

– Katlin Wells

“I like the games, especially the one we learned today, ‘moo & quack.'”

-Jewell Wells.


” The best part of being a crew guide is the interaction with kids.”

-Margo Palmer, Crew Guide

” I love seeing all of their smiling faces.”

– Christy Haag, Crew Guide






“We like the weird animal crafts.”

-Owen Maddox and Kyle Maddox


“I love helping kids. We are all having so much fun!”

-Gracie Stokes, Youth Volunteer


” I love that the kids all run up to us and look forward to seeing us everyday. It is fun getting to know them.”

– Maddie Keener, Youth Volunteer


More Pictures!

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If you would like to share your VBS quotes or pictures, please email them to jenn.harris@hmumc.org.


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