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So do not be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord or of me his prisoner. Rather, join with me in suffering for the gospel, by the power of God. 2Timothy 1:8
Well, summer is upon us. The graduations are behind us. Most of the students are home for the summer. Vacation Bible School is unfolding this week in a wonderful way. And, many of you have already had an opportunity to spend some time away with friends and family. I pray that you feel God’s power this summer. 
I want to take a few minutes and catch you up on a few things happening at Hamilton Mill Church. On Monday, Hamilton Mill UMC hosted 27 Pastors, the Conference Director of Church Development, Phil Schroeder and our District Superintendent, Dana Everhart. These 27 pastors have been selected as potential candidates to either start a church or redevelop an existing church in a strategic growth corridor. Your church, Hamilton Mill United Methodist is one of the most successful and fruitful new church plants in the last 20 years. I was honored that they chose to visit. They noticed very quickly the vibrant children’s ministry, the service to the community, the well cared for grounds and the friendly and welcoming people on campus. After the tour, we met at Chateau Élan for lunch and I talked with them about the emotional tensions that are a part of starting and growing a church. Our District Superintendent, Rev. Dana Everhart wanted me to express to all of you that you are an amazing Christ centered Spirit filled people. For sure God’s power is with us. 
Their presence reminded me that I am about to begin my 20th year as the Pastor of Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church. It has been quite a journey filled with great joy, some disappointment and much fruit for God’s kingdom. This week, over 1,000 people are participating in Vacation Bible School. 86 of the children attending have no church home. While the majority of the children are active at Hamilton Mill UMC, almost 200 of them are active at 12Stone and 62 of them attend Prince of Peace. Over 20 churches are represented by children and volunteers who are a part of this week. I want to thank Renee Dickhute, Traci Lowry, Heather Korey, Tricia Perdew and Karen Suiter for the leadership they provided. We were able to accommodate every child that wanted to attend. Those who were on a waiting list were called and room was made for them. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Almost 20 years ago Brenda McKay started our first Bible School. Brenda, felt a love for the children of our community and after the tragic loss of her husband, she decided to serve as an act of faith. There were just 75 at the first Bible school. Brenda served another 5 years and Vacation Bible School grew. By God’s power it continues to grow.
The Growing Together Building Campaign continues to unfold. The property has been surveyed; a strategy has been put in place to move part of the modular units. The Shed will remain where it is located and the educational classrooms we be moved to the other side of The Shed. The permitting process for that is underway. Your Architect, LDDI has begun the process of construction documents and is also securing completive bids for the project. Things are moving very rapidly. God’s power is blessing this work.  
I am currently working on the next sermon series. Typically over the summer, I have enjoyed taking a book of the Bible and walking though it. This summer, God has put the Book of Job on my heart. The Book of Job tells an interesting story of a man wrestling with suffering and the questions that often come with suffering. The story of Job unfolds outside the promised land. Job is not a Jewish name, and none of Job’s friends are Jewish and Job does not live in Israel, or Palestine. Even more interesting, there are similar accounts of a man suffering in conversation with God. There is a Mesopotamian story very similar to the story of Job. Also, the Sumerian and Babylonian culture have their own version of the Job story. 
Job is one of the most understood books in the Bible. People often go to it in search of a reason for suffering. This can be a destructive process as seen in Job’s friends who take good theology and misapply it to Job’s circumstances. In the end, the explanations they offer fall short. In Chapter 16, Job calls his friends “miserable comforters,” and at the end of the book, God is not happy with Job’s friends who have claimed to speak for God, but have fallen way short. 
So what is Job about if it doesn’t reveal the reason for suffering? Well, come and find out. The preaching style will be a little different. It will be more teaching than preaching. Please feel free to dress casually and bring your Bible and a notebook and plan to experience the power of God in the taught word. 
Our pastoral staff  and lay delegates are getting ready for Annual Conference next week. The highlight for us will be Tuesday night, June 10th at the Classic Center. That night, Jonathan Andersen will be ordained at a Provisional Member of the Annual Conference. It is for him, and for us a significant night in pursuit of God’s call. 
Last, it is a joy to serve God with you. I pray God’s richest blessings upon you and your life. 
 In Christ,
David L. Davis
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