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weird-animals-vbs-logoEven though I don’t understand, even though I’m scared, even though I feel left out, even though I’m different, even though I do wrong….Jesus LOVES me!  These are the Bibles points the children (and adults)learned this past week at VBS.  A simple THANK YOU seems insufficient for all that was given.

One adult volunteer said, “I got a lot out of the week Biblically and in life application myself.  It’s not just for the kids. “

It takes our entire church to host over 1000+ people for VBS.  THANK YOU for praying for us, for giving monetary donations, and donations of supplies and your time & energy.

I do want to thank a few people by name.  There is a always a risk to miss someone, but not thanking them would be even worse!

Thanks to the ladies who met beginning in January and put in countless hours:  Karen Suiter, Tricia Perdew & Heather Korey.  They are a good, solid, focused VBS machine!

Thanks to Traci Lowry and Mallory Parker for rocking the Rooftop in Singing, Laura Thetford for giving the Bible lesson in amazing ways, Jill Maddox and Jennifer Ring for leading crafts in Imagination Station, to Camille Larkin and Chris Fields for the fun times in recreation. To Jan Gelderman, Hope Douds, Daniel Lamb and Whitney Poss for leading our opening and closing sessions.  Thanks to Jean Tyszka for leading the building of the cool set! Thanks to Kathy Smith, Shannon Brown and Kathy Harkins for feeding so many children so well! Thanks to David Cross and crew for managing a calm parking lot and drop off.  Thanks to Mary Mountjoy, resident nurse! And to Karen Grogan for organizing the supply donations and getting supplies to everyone.  Thanks to Wendy Arcega for leading KidVid Theatre and to Kelly Dyar for taking our pictures and doing Spotlight video. Thanks to Michelle Feigen and Lisa Martin for selling T-shirt s and CD’s. Thanks to Heather McCreary and Lily Leahy for leading our 6th grade Mission time in a tent!  Thanks to Heather Ascenzo for watching our youngest ones in nursery while we worked elsewhere. Thanks to Ryse Kesler and Laurie Redmon for organizing the awesome 180 youth. Thanks to Lea Rembert for scheduling buddies with our Special Needs friends. Thanks to Ashley Hall, Susan Graham, and Alissa Brackett for leading Kindergarten and making it special. Thanks to Marty Still and team  for managing the kitchen all day. Thanks to the Seekers class and Solomon’s Porch class for feeding the volunteers and their kids each morning a delicious breakfast.  Thanks to Linda Hardin for the fabulous T-shirts!  Thanks to the entire HMUMC staff for supporting VBS in every way.

VBS…where seeds of God’s love are planted in our children’s hearts.


Renee Dickhute, Director of Children Ministries

He loves us oh so much…It’s Amazing!!

We had a One-of-a-kind AMAZING week at VBS! Take a look…

Pictures & Highlight Video from VBS 2014: Day 1

VBS 2014 – Day 2

VBS 2014 – Day 3

VBS 2014 – Day 4

VBS 2014 – Day 5



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