WinShape 2014 – Day 1

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We had an AWESOME first day of WinShape!

Thank you for joining us for WinShape 2014 at Hamilton Mill UMC! We had a great first day. The church was filled with children excited to learn more about the God who loves them. A special thank you to all of the WinShape staff and volunteers, you are the ones who make camp such an awesome experience. We also want to thank all of the parents for sharing their wonderful children with us today. We have a great group of kids and it is such a blessing the have them with us this week.


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Today’s Truth: Our purpose we will find when deep friendship with God is yours and mine.

Scripture Verse: “We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also my have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ” (1 John 1:3)



“My favorite activity today was musical theater. I also learned that when I do not have any friends around, I can just talk to Jesus. He is my best friend.”

– Callen  Vanderpool







DSC_0093“My favorite thing was watching the kids have fun. They don’t think it’s going to affect them, but they are learning stuff that will really help them in the long run.”

– Sarah Fanczi

I liked helping out with games this morning. The campers learned a Bible verse and then played basketball.”

– Avery Johnson


DSC_0097“I love all of my activities. My very favorite is dance.”

– Caroline Jones


DSC_0098“I love dance because I get to make my own costume and my own concert. I get to perform in front of the whole camp at the end of camp.”

– Kelley Feigen





DSC_0110“My first day of camp was awesome. I love town square and every one of my activities. Cheer is awesome, dance is so much fun and Girl World is the best. We learned about God, purpose and how to treat others with kindness and respect.”

– Ella Harris



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Click on the link below to see more pictures from camp. You will be able to scroll down and see our community. The password is anchored.

Check it out…

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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