September on the Rooftop

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14Sep_standard_Responsibility God has gifted each of us with amazing potential.  His gifts look different for each person.  Perhaps He has given you the ability to create beautiful art, sing on key, play an instrument, optimize efficiency through organization, or motivate others through speech?  No matter what it is, you have a responsibility to use the gifts God has blessed you with to grow His kingdom.  This month on the Rooftop we will be knocking on the door of RESPONSIBILITY – showing you can be trusted by what you say and do.

Week 1:  Genesis 1 and 2   Bottom Line:  Show you can be trusted by taking care of  what God has made.

Week 2:  1 Kings 19:16-21  Bottom Line:  Show you can be trusted to lead by learning how to follow.

Week 3:  Matthew 21:28-31   Bottom Line:  Show you can be trusted by what you do.

Week 4:  Matthew 25:14-29  Bottom Line:  Show you can be trusted with more by taking care of what you have.

Whether it’s time, talent, resources, or opportunity…will you honor God by responding to the gifts He has given you?   We want kids to know that how they respond to their abilities can be used by God to change the world around them!   You are encouraged to open the door with your children by having them complete the weekly GodTime cards provided online or at church on Sundays.

Many Blessings!

Traci Lowry

Crosstown Kids Coordinator


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