December on the Rooftop

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Get wrapped up in others this Christmas season instead of all of the commercial hoopla!  This month we will focus on GENEROSITY – making someone’s day by giving something away.  God has been so generous to us, let’s not get wrapped up in ourselves and in our things but instead in the knowledge that every good thing comes from Him!  Giving reflects the character of God to those around us, He gives to us and expects us to do the same for others.



Week 1:  Luke 12:13-21

Jesus uses a parable to teach us about being wrapped up in the wrong thing.

Bottom Line:  Don’t get wrapped up in your stuff.

Week 2:  Luke 18:18-25

Jesus talks to a rich ruler who was so wrapped up in his stuff that he couldn’t let go of it, even for a relationship with God.

Bottom Line:  Get wrapped up in what matters most.

Week 3:  John 3:16-17 and Luke 2:1-18

We celebrate that God sent us the greatest gift when He sent us Jesus.

Bottom Line:  Get wrapped up in Christmas.

Week 4:  Matthew 2:1-12

Some men go above and beyond to see Jesus and show Him generosity.

Bottom Line:  Get wrapped up in giving.

Our memory verse is from 1 Timothy 6:18, “Be rich in good deeds…be generous and willing to share.”  Being rich isn’t about how many presents we get or how much stuff we have.  We are rich because we are generous.  We hope and pray that this month kids will discover what it REALLY means to be rich!

Merry Christmas!

Traci Lowry

Author: Traci Lowry

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  1. Laura Posted on December 1, 2014 at 6:35 pm

    I love this message, and can see it alive in my children! Thank you for all you do for our babies!!

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