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15Apr_standard_PeaceOur memory verse this month is from Romans 14:19.  “So let us do all we can to live in peace.  And let us work hard to build each other up.”  I believe that Easter is the PERFECT opportunity to focus on peace!  Peace is our virtue this month and we define it as:  proving you care more about each other than about winning an argument.

We want to help kids learn that doing what they can to fix what’s wrong in their relationships shows that peace is a priority in their lives.  Peace often involves some type of sacrifice.  Often in relationships you must give up something that you care about in order to make peace.  Peace isn’t free, but it’s a way of life that shows you care more about others than being right or having things.

WEEK 1:  The most important example of peace will be discussed, Jesus’ death and resurrection.  We’ll study Colossians 1:20 and 3:15 where we learn that peace started out with God’s love for us and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.  Bottom Line:  When God sent us Jesus, He proved He cared for us.

WEEK 2:  Genesis 26 tells us about how Isaac reopened wells on his Father’s land that nobody cared about before then.  Suddenly they were fighting over the wells, and in order to make peace, Isaac gave them away.  Bottom Line:  Prove you care about others by walking away from a fight.

WEEK 3:  Genesis 27 and the story of Jacob and Esau.  Esau was furious with Jacob for stealing his birthright, but ended up saving the relationship with his brother years later.   Bottom Line:  prove you care by letting go of “what’s fair”.

WEEK 4:  Finally, we will study King David in 1 Samuel 25:1-35.  Abigail stopped David from seeking revenge by intercepting him and offering him gifts and an apology.  Bottom Line:  Prove you care about others by being part of the solution.

Each of these stories help to describe to our kids what it means to pursue peace.  We will learn that sometimes walking away or giving up something or stepping in on behalf of another is what it takes to be a peacemaker.  We hope that you will make it a priority to be at church this month for this awesome lesson on peace!

Be sure to visit our GodTime Cards page and download the weekly devotional to help reinforce the lesson at home!

Many Blessings,

Traci Lowry


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