Pastor Mark’s eNote: Writing the Gospel

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Writing the Gospel

With pen in hand, we approach each day, you and I, and we write.

Now, maybe you would disagree. “I have no desire to write, Mark,” you might say. Or maybe you prefer a word processor to a pen. But it doesn’t matter. One way or another, you’re writing. Every day, a chapter at a time, a moment at a time, you’re writing your part of the Gospel according to Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church.

I’ve read some of your story already, and it’s a pretty good one—all about a vision and a gifted pastor and a faithful few dedicated to that vision and what can happen when God moves in our midst.  It’s a story about growth, one person at a time, one welcome at a time, one ministry at a time.  It’s a tale that starts in a living room and moves around the world.  It’s a good story, an inspiring story 20 years in the writing.  It has involved young and old, women and men, and it’s had its moments of drama and suspense, along with some comedy and maybe even a bit of farce now and then.  But the central theme has remained the same. This is the gospel you’ve been writing, after all; this is God’s good news.

In one way or another you have told the story of Jesus, shared his forgiveness and mercy, nurtured children in the faith, and offered to hurting people God’s compassion. It’s the old, old story really, but you’ve made it uniquely yours.  And now that story that has been yours till now is ours.

I have an opportunity to add some words of my own.  By God’s grace, I now have a role in shaping the Gospel according to Hamilton Mill UMC. And while I DO know how the story will end (the good guys win), I really don’t know what this chapter you and I are working on together will say. We take it a sentence at a time, after all, one word after another.

But three things I know for sure: Wonders will unfold before us as we write.  The old, old story still has a surprise or two for all of us.  And the more of us who pick up our pens, the more beautifully the story will be told.

In Christ,

Rev. Mark Westmoreland

Author: Jenn Harris

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