New Worship Center Construction Update

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FullSizeRender-5New Worship Center Construction Update 

Many of you have been wondering what is going on behind the screened fence. Where are we in the construction process? What is going to happen next? So, here is a quick update. 

Almost all of the demolition work has been completed except for the dumpster area. A good amount of the utility work has been done and a lot of dirt has been removed to prepare the site for the building. There were some challenges encountered such as water lines being where they were not supposed to be according to the plans, but the biggest surprise was found in the area of the old modulars where several bales of barbed wire were uncovered along with other unsuitable materials and soils. An area of 15×20 ft. had to be dug out an extra 13ft to 15ft deep and replaced with good soils for the foundations. All of this has been completed. The contractor also elected to halt any construction activities during Winshape Camp, because there were so many children and adults going back and forth near the construction site.

So, what is next? Foundations will be installed and concrete walls will be constructed. If you want to have a good look, go up to room 351 sometime and look out the window. Many people are working hard in hot weather to build our new Worship Center. Progress is being made and is close to being on-schedule at this time.

Special thanks to Wouter Gulden, our Building Committee Chairman, for this update!

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