Pastor Mark’s eNote – Follow the Star

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Follw the Star

Pastor Mark’s eNote – Follow the Star

During this season of Advent, a star shines above us.  You know the one.  It captures our imagination and draws us toward the horizon and someplace on beyond.  Step out, and you will find yourself on a wonderful journey with many stopping places but one goal.
First stop is the land of commerce-a bright and cheerful place filled with enticing objects.  Even in this place, commercial though it is, there is a hint of the mystery ahead.  Learn from this place what it is to celebrate and give.  A gift can thaw the heart of the giver and teach another what it is to receive.
But there is also ugliness in this place as well.  There are folks screaming “Merry Christmas!” with a defiance strangely misplaced.  And there are Santas hawking cars and merry elves selling booze, and with them the persistent lie some can’t seem to resist: “You can buy Christmas if you wish and all the happiness it promises.”
Don’t fall for it.  Look to the star; get your bearings and get back on the road.
Next stop is the place of family.  It’s a good place.  See the woman with the tangled lights?  The man with the unknown bicycle part?  They are building memories.  See the hugging grandparents?  They are sharing something divine.
And yet even here the message can get twisted.  Guilt is handed out with gifts, hurts passed on like family heirlooms.  You haven’t finished your journey yet.  Gather as many of your family as you can and keep moving.  Remember the star.
Keep going and you will pass through the church. Look around for a moment, and you’ll see pilgrims like yourself.  They have failed at times, and at times their hearts have ached, but like you they have found a message that keeps them moving.  And so, move we shall, together, because we’re still not quite there yet.
Follow the star and you will arrive at last in that land so far away and so near, so alien and familiar.  And in that land you’ll find a manger, and in that manger a baby.  You’ve arrived.
Have you come alone or surrounded by church and family?  Have you come in wealth or poverty?  Are you new here, or have you visited this manger many times?  It matters not.  Just listen.  In the sound of that baby’s cry, everything is made new.
In Christ,
Rev. Mark Westmoreland
Author: Jenn Harris

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