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      Two political conventions in two weeks: Maybe, like me, you’re feeling a little dizzy. That’s understandable. I have an urge right now to watch a lot of comedies and bad action films, but before I veg out and convention season officially ends, let me remind you of some of the planks of the platform you and I share (no matter which party we support). Think of it as the “solid rock platform.”

     We are Christians. That means Jesus of Nazareth is our leader above all others. We profess him as our Lord and Savior, and we seek to follow him and even grow into his likeness.

     We are saved by grace. We aren’t saved by our goodness, how hard we work, the opinions we hold, or even, ultimately, our beliefs. We are saved by God’s willingness to forgive us and re-create us in the love of Christ.

     We are gracious. We live in the grace we have experienced. That means we remember that the life we have in Christ is a gift. Remember? We didn’t’ earn it, so we can’t expect anyone else to earn it either. We offer this grace; we live in this grace; we welcome. We love.

     We hold dual citizenship in our worldly nation and in the Kingdom of God, and we admit that it isn’t always easy (Sometimes we even confuse one for the other). But being citizens of the Kingdom means we, the church, will embody in the world the promise toward which we are moving—the promise of God’s victory, the Day when death will be no more, when lions and lambs (and elephants and donkeys) will mingle comfortably, when swords will become plowshares, when peace and justice will reign. In the meantime, we will live in our dual citizenships and wrestle prayerfully with the tough decisions to be made.

     We’re not afraid. Only God—nothing and no one else—holds ultimate power over us, and the way of Christ is the way that leads through the shadowy valley into the light of God’s eternity. Follow him and fear not.

     We will serve the powerless of this world, offer comfort to the hurting, company to the lonely, food to the hungry, home to the homeless, and new life to the lost, because Jesus did those things and calls us to do the same.

     So, go and campaign (Maybe Jenn Harris could come up with some lawn signs for us). You’ll still have to make a lot of choices from among the candidates out there, but first, today, cast a vote for Jesus of Nazareth. Trust him. He keeps his promises.

In Christ,

Rev. Mark Westmoreland




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  1. Dale Robbins Posted on July 29, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    Tremendous message! Timeless truths!!

  2. Rob Marbury Posted on July 29, 2016 at 5:33 pm

    A very appropriate post that many Christians need to hear…. Including me.
    Thanks, Pastor Mark.

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