Pastor Mark’s eNote – Lassie, Come Home

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A friend of mine asked yesterday for permission to use this old column of mine for his weekly e-blast, so I thought, hey, I think I’ll do the same.  Some of you younger readers might not remember all of the “congregants.”  Feel free to Google.

        Summertime is always great.  You get a comfortable short haircut; you can chase cars well up to 9 p.m. or so; and it’s so warm you can sit and howl at the moon all night.  There’s no denying it’s a great time of year.  But as the good watchdogs among you have probably noticed, it does mean our attendance here at St. Benji United Canine Church drops a bit.

        At one time or another, it seems most of us have tucked tail and taken off for at least a weekend or so.  And that’s OK, of course—every dog has its day—but, personally, I’ll be glad when all of you are back here on the same Sunday howling in harmony to some great hymn.

        So, “Where is everyone?” you ask.  Well, it seems Tramp’s been spending a lot of time at the lake with those three boys of his, and Bullet—he made like one and got out of town with Dale and Roy and that horse.  Scooby has been cruising the country in his van.  Clifford the Big Red Dog is away from Birdwell Island and is up to something, well, big; Pluto is at Disneyworld; and I don’t have a clue where Blue is.  Spuds MacKenzie, we’re glad to say, finally faced his problem and is finishing up some time in rehab; and Snoopy, as you probably know, had that unfortunate bout with mange and almost ended up being put down by Mr. Brown.

        Even Lassie, one of our most faithful members, has been gone quite a bit.  I know you’ve missed her and that familiar up-raised paw of hers, so you’ll be glad to know we received a postcard from her just this morning:

        “Dear friends,” she writes.  “Arrived at beach yesterday.  Timmy immediately got sucked down by the undertow and I, of course, had to jump in and save him.  After some scary moments of muzzle to mouth resuscitation, he came to and wandered off, only to get lost in a cave.  But did June Lockhart go looking for him?  Noooo! Good ol’ Lassie had to go in and haul the little twit out.  Can’t wait to get home!  L.”

        It’s been a great summer for St. Benji Church, but frankly, I’m glad fall is almost here.  It brings all of your cold noses back to church, and, to the custodian’s great relief, the congregation finally stops shedding all over the upholstery.


                                                                                              The Rev. Rin T. Tin

Author: Mark Westmoreland

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