Pastor Mark’s eNote – What Drives Miss Daisy?

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What Drives Miss Daisy?

Those of you who have met our dog Daisy know she is pretty timid and reluctant to mix with strangers, but don’t be fooled by her nervousness with people. The dog is a hunter at heart. Take her outside, and she will sprint wildly toward any squirrel or rabbit lulled into a sense of security by laws prohibiting the discharge of firearms in suburban neighborhoods.

Lacking a handy creature to chase, she settles for a sniffing search of the shrubbery and tree line. Her capture of a mole a while back (a moment of silence here), convinced her she can bag larger prey. One night at our home in Fayetteville, a deer was standing near our backyard fence. Daisy went berserk, and the deer actually ran a few yards before realizing, clearly embarrassed, that this was a 15-pound dog chasing her and there was a fence between them.

I worry about the dog. She seems, well, obsessed.

“Why do you keep hunting?” I asked her the other day.

“I guess it’s the dachshund in me,” she said. “Why do you keep preaching?”

“Don’t mess with me.” I said, “The two things are very different.”

“Are they? We both seem to be hunting something we can’t quite seem to catch. I’ve seen you on Monday mornings.”

I hate it when she gets philosophical. “Hunting squirrels and preaching are two very different exercises, “ I replied. “Besides, what would you do if you ever actually CAUGHT a squirrel?

“I guess dinner would be on me,” she said. “I’ll figure that out when the time comes. Meanwhile, I chase. I have to, catch or no catch.

“And you?” she continued. The squirrels seem to be doing just fine on your watch. You’ve been preaching for more than 200 dog-years, but evil is still out there, and the innocent still suffer, and the powerful still abuse the powerless, and people still get all sideways with each other and use each other and resent each other and hurt each other. Why do you keep doing what you do?”

“Well,” I said. “I believe … Uh. I know the Gospel can … uh … give me a minute.”

“Relax. I’ll answer for you,” Daisy said. “We keep chasing the squirrels, because if we don’t, they’ll think they’re in charge. And they’re not.”

And then she rolled over so I could scratch her stomach.

In Christ,

Rev. Mark Westmoreland

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