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Glimpses of Heaven

        There is an odd little Japanese movie called “After Life.” It tells the story of a group of people who have recently died and have gathered in a kind of celestial holding area. They are asked to choose a single memory of happiness, then a heavenly film crew recreates that moment as a movie. The soul then is allowed to live with that memory through eternity.

It’s a strange premise, of course, and let me say up front that the movie certainly isn’t a biblical view of heaven. Actually, while the Bible offers some striking pictures of the kingdom, in the end we are left with few details. The one thing we can say for sure is that heaven will be good, that there will be peace and communion with God. Beyond that, we are left to ponder and imagine.

And so let’s ponder that Japanese movie for a minute or two. If you were one of those souls in the film, what memory would you choose? What moment do you want to hold onto for all eternity? My guess is it isn’t a day at the office or a meeting with the insurance agent. Does it involve a moment in nature? Or with your family or friends? Is it the birth of a child or the beginning of a love? Where would you send that celestial film crew?

We walk through our days or, more likely, we run, but along the way there are moments that linger. Maybe it is a child’s smile or a lake’s ripples or the laughter of a friend or the song of a choir. It might even be a moment alone when the Spirit embraces you and you find God’s peace and presence. But in each of them is a glimpse of the beauty and joy God intends for us.

Maybe those Japanese filmmakers were onto something. Find the moment that speaks to you of life’s depths, of wholeness and peace. It might just be a glimpse of heaven you’re carrying with you.

In Christ,

Rev. Mark Westmoreland

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