Pastor Mark’s eNote: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

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     “So, what’s going on at church?” you ask. “And do I need to be there?”
     A few things. And yes.
     This Sunday is Commitment Sunday. That’s no small thing. We will fill out our “Take Care” pledge cards for the remainder of 2016 and all of 2017 and turn them in at the close of our worship together. Yes, that’s big. And your card is important. Your church needs to hear from you, but the truth is YOU need to hear from you, too. Consider prayerfully the place of the church and its ministry in your life and your place in the life of the church and its ministry. Consider the blessings of God in your days, and give thanks. Your giving is your expression of thanks; it is your affirmation of faith; and it is a part of your service to God’s kingdom in this world. That’s big.
     Oh, yeah, this Sunday is big in another way. Yes, it’s time to move. Sunday ends our worship in the “old” sanctuary, the place where we have gathered for 16 years. That’s a lot of hymns sung, sermons preached, and lives claimed for Christ. So, we will give thanks. We will remember. And then we will walk together to the new Worship Center, where we will pray for all that God will do in that space and all the people who will join us there and all the times we will share. Yes, that’s big.
     And remember! We are beginning our new worship times THIS Sunday: 8:00, 9:15, and 11 a.m.
     Then there’s NEXT Sunday. You’ll probably want to be here then, too. October 23 will bring our FIRST worship services in the new Worship Center. We will rejoice in a new chapter for our church. What else can we do BUT rejoice? God has blessed us. Let us give thanks. The new worship center is a beautiful place, but it really won’t look as good without you. I said God has blessed our church, but YOU are also a blessing to our church. We need you here. I guarantee you will find a seat (and, by the way, there’s a great new-church smell, too).
     So, that is two BIG Sundays.
     But wait, there’s more!
     Put November 13 on your calendar. The new episcopal leader for our North Georgia Annual Conference, Bishop Sue Hauptman-Johnson, will join us at 11:00 as we consecrate our new space. This will be a holy moment as we seek God’s blessings on the work of Christ in this place. Bishop Sue is a delightful person who will bring great leadership to our conference. It will be a joy to welcome her to Hamilton Mill. Let’s show her the hospitality that has made this church the wondrous place it is.
     So, I could go on. There are other big reasons to be at church in the weeks ahead, but you know most of those. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Always a good day.
                                                                                              In Christ,
                                                                                              Rev. Mark Westmoreland
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