Pastor Mark’s eNote: So this is Advent

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With Apologies to John Lennon


So, this is Advent,
And what will you do?
Thanksgiving is over,
And the church year is new.
No, this isn’t Christmas,
Though commercials say so.
Still time to get ready,
Four Sundays to go.
A very holy Advent!
Let us all praise and pray.
Tune your heart to the good news
Before Christmas day.
Some words from the prophets,
The Baptizer, too,
Made way for the Christ child
Who makes everything new.
And so we should listen.
The message can’t fail.
There’s more to the season
Than parties and sales.
Each Sunday is different,
Each Sunday brings cheer.
Hope, peace, joy and love now
Can banish all fear.
No, this isn’t Christmas,
Nary Santa nor Elf.
Take time from the bustle
To ready yourself.

In Christ,

                                                                                                                                  Rev. Mark Westmoreland
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