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     So, is life about the destination or the journey? And the right answer, of course, is yes. Or maybe the answer depends upon our perspective. The parent in the front seat can argue valiantly that “getting there is half the fun,” but the five-year-old in the back isn’t buying it. Some folks look back at their journeys with gratitude and joy, gladly reliving the memories of wonders discovered along the way; while others have no desire to rehash the journey; they’re just glad they’re not where they used to be.


     For us Christians, life is definitely about the destination, and, no surprise here, life is definitely about the journey. We’re heading toward the kingdom, toward heaven, toward God, toward that day when, to borrow Paul’s words, we will know fully even as we have been fully known.
     And yet, Jesus also said the kingdom of God is at hand. And in my favorite hymn we remind ourselves “to own that love is heaven.” The destination isn’t just anticipated in the journey; it is found. We are on our way to the place we are starting to know, the place revealed to us even now in wondrous moments of grace and insight and love.
     On Sundays, in music glorious, in silence holy, in words sacred, we ponder the great journey and the wondrous hope that awaits us at journey’s end. In our presence together we anticipate heaven, find in each other the love that keeps us moving, and discover in our midst the Christ who is our Alpha and Omega and every letter in-between. It’s just a moment, worship, but it’s enough to remind us of where we’re heading. And when the wind blows and the Spirit stirs, worship is also a place where we find the place we’re looking for.
                                                                               In Christ,
                                                                               Mark Westmoreland
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