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     A new season is upon us—Lent—those forty days (excluding Sundays) that carry us to Easter. It began with our Ash Wednesday service, when many of us turned aside from our routines and gathered for a unique time of worship. This new season is a new start. Take a breath and a look around. What is important to you? What is missing from your days? Do you need some refocusing? In his grace, Christ calls you to himself. Turn to him.
Simply put, Lent is “a season of turning.” Over the course of these 40 days, we are invited to turn our hearts, our minds, our lives, toward Christ, renewing our relationship with him, remembering who we are, confessing our brokenness, and discovering anew Christ’s healing grace. In worship we’ll talk about the dimensions of the “turn.”
March 5: “The Turn of a Lifetime”
March 12: “What We Leave Behind”
March 19: “The Hardest Turn”
March 26: “The U-Turn of Gratitude”
April 2: “Till by Turning, Turning, We Come ‘Round Right”
Lent is also a natural time to turn our minds toward God. Whether you’re a Bible-study veteran or newbie, the season brings opportunities to join others in questioning the scriptures and being questioned by them. Step aside from the routine. Refocus. Consider one of our short-term studies this season:
Melinda Jones is leading a Wednesday morning study for women called “The God We Can Know.” Another study for women, this one on Wednesday evenings, is “Comparison Trap: Choosing Contentment in an Age of Awareness.” Finally, I’ll be leading a four-week Lenten study of Job on Wednesday evenings, as well. You can find details on these studies, along with other opportunities ahead, on our website:
So, the road that is a year has taken a turn toward Jerusalem, toward the cross, the tomb and the morning of all mornings. What do you hope to find at journey’s end? From where do you begin your travels? And what would you like to leave behind?
Lent is more than a solemn season spent without sweets or caffeine or whatever. It is a season of renewal and awakening. It is a time of worship and healing, a time of growth and discovery. Turn aside from your routine. Turn within and consider who you are and what you seek. Turn toward Christ, who makes all things—and that includes you—new.
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