Pastor Mark’s eNote – Resynchronization Without Representation

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     It’s outrageous. How long we will tolerate it? Every year around this time the government steps in and takes an hour of our time. One minute it’s 1:59 a.m., and the next it’s 3:00. In the dead of night, no less! Do they think we won’t notice? Sure, they say they’ll return the hour in the fall, but is it the same hour? And shouldn’t we accrue some interest—a couple of minutes, at least? And what do they do with all of our hours between March and November? Word is they’re building some sort of secret government day out in Area 51. I read it on Facebook.
      Personally, I think this “spring forward” thing is part of a larger conspiracy against religion. The Federal government and the Gwinnett County School Board have joined forces to keep people out of church. This Sunday? Sleep deprivation, PLUS Friday, March 10, is a school holiday—a long weekend away. Then, March 31-April 7? Spring Break. TWO weekends away. When I was a kid going to school, we actually went to school. And we prayed … for snow days.
     It’s all so obvious. Right? Right? Are you with me?
     OK, I might be overreacting just a bit. This time-change stuff makes me a little grumpy. I have a recurring nightmare of showing up at church an hour late (without a sermon, but that’s a whole other nightmare), and the longer I’m around, the more anxious I get about it all. So, if you arrive for the early service and find me in a sleeping bag beside the altar, just wake me up in time for Word and Table at 8:00 (or is it 9? Or 7?).
     But this year I’ve made a resolution. No more grumpy conspiracy-mongering. I’m going to look at my vanishing hour differently. I’m taking charge.
     Come Saturday night, I’m giving up an hour for Lent. Yes, I’ll be a little more tired when I arrive for worship Sunday morning, but I’ll make the sacrifice.
     And I hope you’ll join me. After all, there will be wonderful worship all morning long—marvelous opportunities to praise God and celebrate our shared life in Christ. At 8:00, there will be singing, the Word, and Holy Communion. At 9:15, we’ll celebrate the baptism of a child, and at 11:00 we’ll be baptizing an adult who will profess her faith in Jesus Christ. That’s a big day! An hour seems a small price to pay to be a part of it all.
     So, I hope you’ll join me for one of those services. And be sure to say hello. You’ll have no trouble finding me. I’ll be the one in the sleeping bag.


                                                                                                                                        In Christ,
                                                                                                                                        Mark Westmoreland
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