Pastor Mark’s eNote – One March, Two Aprils, Three Miracles

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     So, there’s this really pregnant giraffe named April—15 months worth of pregnant, in fact—and any day now (they’ve been saying for weeks), she will give birth to a 150-pound, 6-foot-tall baby. And, oh yeah, she’ll do that while standing up. Now, I find all of that really amazing, though I’m told it happens all the time, which explains why there are still giraffes around. What sets April apart from all those other giraffe moms, however, is that something like 30 million people are watching her on a live Internet feed, including two folks in the Westmoreland household.


     It’s riveting. She eats a lot; she paces around; and she looks a little uncomfortable, which I guess is to be expected if you’re in the latter stages of a 15-month pregnancy. Otherwise, not much is happening. But we know it WILL happen, and so we watch and wait.


     Meanwhile, there’s another April who is a part of our congregation here—April Crisp, wife of our director of technology Justin Crisp—who is also awaiting a baby. Hers isn’t due for another month and a half or so, but the excitement is tremendous. There’s no live video feed, which is a little disappointing, considering she’s married to an audio-visual guy, but we’re following the progress as best we can. We wait.
There is something about babies—human, of course, but even animals (except maybe snakes; I’m not so sure about snake babies) that thrill and enthrall us. Life is a miracle. We are when we could be not. And a new baby is life exploding with all of the force of a breath, as fragile as a 2-pound preemie or a 150-pound full-term giraffe calf, and with all of the possibility of life itself. The universe expands. And God says, “My finest work yet.”
In a few weeks we pray that April and Justin will hold a miracle in their arms. It will be a miracle, that moment; it’s life.
And that brings us to one more miracle and one more April, this one the month. We are moving through this Lenten “season of turning” toward Easter, you and I. We wait, and we ponder the day when life from a tomb exploded with all the power of a breath—breath where before was death. It is in the stillness of that dawn, in the quiet of that conquering breath, that you and I find new life, new hope, new birth, joy. We wait, and we watch.
It’s coming—life and miracle. Stay tuned.
                                                                                                                                        In Christ,
                                                                                                                                        Mark Westmoreland
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