Pastor Mark’s eNote – Easter: Not Done Yet

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     We’re not done.  Our Easter celebration continues.  No, I don’t think we will have quite as many people on hand on the Second Sunday of Easter, but we WILL have a magnificent cantata presented by our choir.  Do you think the music was good on Easter morning?  Enough said.  We’re not done.
We have moved from the day into the season, but the theme is still Life–triumphant, abundant, joyous, eternal.  It is so much more than a celebration to be enjoyed and left behind.  Easter is nothing less than a second creation.  I don’t know about you, but I need more than just a day to get my head around a message that big.
Leonard Sweet has argued that the call of the church is not to make a difference in the world but to make a different world.  That’s no small goal, is it?  But it’s a part of the Easter message.  Easter is not just a moment of wonder in a world of woe; it is the power of God unleashed to make all things new.  No, we’re definitely not done.
The good news of Easter is the very life of the church.
Easter is why we are: We are forgiven and freed, raised with Christ into a new life of hope and joy, growing into Christ’s image.
And Easter is what we do: We are bearers and sharers of Christ’s life and grace, servants of God’s new creation, construction workers building a different world.
Easter is a season, and Easter is today.  Before tomorrow, can you share the love that makes all things new?  Can you offer some light to someone stuck in the shadows?  Can you smile an alleluia or sing an invitation or shout with your presence the presence of the Christ who lives?  Can you offer to others some of the hope you picked up at the empty tomb?
No, we’re not done.  So, as you’re looking ahead, add a couple of items to your calendar:
Sunday: Rejoice in the beauty of an Easter cantata.
Monday: Change the world.
                                                                                                                                         In Christ,
                                                                                                                                        Mark Westmoreland
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