Pastor Mark’s eNote – Fingerprints of the Saints

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     Take a close look around our church, and you’re likely to find all kinds of fingerprints.  That’s no surprise, of course, considering all the stuff that goes on here every week from Sunday worship to Preschool to Mothers’ Morning Out to Sunday School to our adult and children’s choirs to our Wednesday evening dinners to The Middle to Ignite to Crosstown Kids to Bible studies to quilting to the Pantry to scouts, to NA and AA to Disciple to committee and ministry team meetings to women’s meetings to United Methodist Men and on and on.  I’ve done a quick count, and I estimate that roughly oodles of people pass through this building every week, and they leave fingerprints everywhere.  How could they not?
     But look around some more, and you’ll find other fingerprints.  They’re the fingerprints of people who make all those things listed above (and all the other ministries I didn’t list) happen.  There isn’t a single piece of furniture or equipment, not a door or window, not a ministry, outreach, or program that isn’t covered with the fingerprints of faithful Christians serving Christ.
      Obviously, nothing at the church just happens.  Every ministry, every facet of our life together takes effort.  If there is a ministry, mission, or program sponsored by this church, it is because someone cares enough to get it done.  Simply put, that means somebody gave time, energy, money, hard work, and love, lots of love.
     Just looking around, you might not spot the fingerprints (Georgetta and others do an amazing job of cleaning up behind us, after all), but they’re there.  Faithful Christians like you have left marks all over this church, so that the mark of Christ might be left upon this community and the world.
     So, this Sunday we want to take stock of the fingerprints and fingers and hands and voices and love that make our ministries what they are.  We’ll have some refreshments outside after our services, and we’ll celebrate a bit the stuff that happens around here and the people who do the stuff.  In other words, on behalf of all the children, women, and men touched by the grace of this church, we want to say thanks to the people who so faithfully share that grace.  That includes you.


                                                                                                                                         In Christ,
                                                                                                                                        Mark Westmoreland
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