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      As I write this on Thursday morning of Annual Conference (yes, I’m skipping a little), we have good news. Jonathan Andersen was ordained as an elder in full connection last night, and Natalee Dukes was commissioned for ministry (She’ll be joining us at HMUMC next week—more good news). We celebrate these holy and exciting milestones.
     I don’t know about you, but I like good news. Even in these days of division and argument, surely that is something on which we can all agree. I will admit, however, that what’s good news for one person might be bad news for another—especially in the realms of sports and politics and other things we tend to take way more seriously than we should. But I think we can agree that good news is always, well, good.
     So, I hereby declare June 18-July 31 to be “Good News Month and a Half” at Hamilton Mill United Methodist Church. Even more than usual, our sermons will zoom in on good news—not just any good news, mind you, but THE Good News, the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Good News of great joy that is for all people, the Good News of salvation, the Good News of mercy and love, the good news that happens when THE Good News changes our hearts and moves through us as compassion for the wounded and broken of the world. THAT Good News.
     No, we’re not going to put on rose-colored glasses and ignore the realities and heartaches of the world, but we ARE going to focus on God’s answers to those heartaches and realities. There is a way that is not violence, that is not hatred, that is not fear or worry. It is the way of Jesus Christ, and that way of salvation and wholeness wins. It is greater than every foe.
     Over the next few weeks, let’s hold that Good News up and ponder its many beautiful facets. We’ll begin this week (Fathers’ Day) with Jason Mincey bringing the message (that’s good news, too, isn’t it?).
     I hope you’ll be on hand during “Good News Month and a Half.” Because, seeing your smiling face at church? That’s even more good news.
                                                                                                                                                In Christ,
                                                                                                                                                Mark Westmoreland
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