Weekly Top Ten – June 28

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This Week’s Top Ten!
1. This Sunday
This Sunday, July 2nd in Worship
Services: Word & Table Service @ 8am  |  Modern Service @ 9:15am  |  Traditional Service @ 11:00am
As we approach the Fourth of July, we’ll sing some of our beloved national hymns and hear the psalmist’s song of joy as he approached the holy mountain, Zion.  For the psalmist and for us Americans, there is a vision glorious that guides us and harsh realities that challenge us.  What does it mean to be a “shining city on a hill”?  What is our good news for our nation and the world?
2. Pastor Mark to Preach at Camp Meeting
Camp Meeting 2017
June  25 – June 29 at First United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville
Our Senior Pastor, Rev. Mark Westmoreland, will be the guest preacher TONIGHT, June 28 and TOMORROW, June 29 at the 2017 Camp Meeting. This gathering is a tradition that began in Lawrenceville, GA in 1832, when the Methodist Campground was founded. The week’s activities include worship, singing, covered dish suppers, fellowship and camping. All who wish to share God’s love in Christian fellowship are welcome. Click here to learn more.
3. Welcoming Natalee Dukes Hamby
Lemonade on the Lawn with Natalee
Sunday, July 16 after services
We are hosting this special event on the lawn after services to give you a chance to welcome Pastor Natalee personally and enjoy some fellowship time with your church family.
An Invitation to Coffee from Natalee
Dear Hamilton Mill UMC Family,
Thank you for your hospitality and your warm welcome to HMUMC. I am so honored and excited to call this my new church home. To get to know you and the missions and ministries of this church, I would like to invite you to sip and chat at Mocha Moe’s. If interested, please click here to schedule a time that works best for you. I look forward to getting to talk with you!
Rev. Natalee Dukes Hamby
4. July PB&J Drive
The Pantry Summer Food Drive Fun!
Summer is one of the hardest times of the year for families in need. When school recesses, many children in our community are vulnerable to undernourishment and hunger.
We have been having lots of fun with The Pantry Food Drives this summer. In June, you donated almost 5,000 boxes of cereal, far exceeding our 3,000 box goal! Thanks to your generous support, we not only helped our Pantry patrons, we gave cereal to the Trinity Soup Kitchen and The Veteran’s Home in Winder. Thank you so much for your support! So, are you ready for our next fun food drive?
The Pantry July Food Drive – PB & J!
A yummy PB&J is an all time favorite food for kids of all ages. Drop a few extra jars of peanut butter and jelly in your shopping cart this week and help us reach our July food drive goal of 1,000 jars.
Donations may be dropped off at Hamilton Mill UMC from 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Thursday or on Sunday mornings before and after worship services at 8am, 9:15am and 11am. You may also make a monetary donation online by clicking here.
While we are focusing on PB & J during the month of July, please remember that we would love additional food donations as well. Our most needed items include: canned fruit, cereal, pasta, canned meats and soups with meats.
Thank you for your support! Together we can make a difference!
Learn more about The Pantry and how you can volunteer on Saturday mornings at www.hmumc.org/thepantry.
5. Student Ministry FUN!
Student Bible Study
8am to 9:30am on Thursdays in July 
at Chick-fil-A Hamilton Mill
Join your friends at Chick-fil-A as we grow deeper in our understanding of God’s word this summer. This Bible study is for all students rising 6th-12th grade. Students will need to be picked up and dropped off at CFA, Hamilton Mill and will also need to bring money for breakfast if they would like to eat. Come just once or all month long.
We’re going to be studying the Bible and asking tough questions. Can I Ask That? Sure, why not? We will be looking at a number of difficult questions about faith and religion. Some of the questions we will be talking about are “Is the Bible real?” and “Does the Bible Contradict Itself?” We will be using a curriculum called “Can I Ask That,” written by Kara Powell, the Executive Director of the Fuller Youth Institute, Jim Candy, and Brad Griffin. We will be tackling these tough questions together and enjoying some amazing CFA at the same time! Join us on Thursdays and bring a friend!
7th & 8th Grade Rush Event
July 19 from 5:30pm to 8:00pm
The elusive Waldo and some of his friends are once again hidden in the crowd. You and your friends are invited to go on the hunt this summer at the Mall of Georgia where we will have one hour of scavenging followed by dinner at the mall food court. We will meet by carousel in the food court to start at 5:30pm and pickup from the same location at 8pm. Bring money for dinner in the food court. There’s no cost to register but please Click here to sign up.
6th Grade Rush Event
Wednesday, July 26th  5:30pm-8pm
As initiation into Student Ministry our new 6th grade students are invited to a Nerf War Battle! We will start off the night with a pizza dinner in The Shed then spend the next two hours playing capture the flag, last man standing, and other scenarios over in the Rooftop. We will have some Nerf guns available for use and provide the ammo, but you can also bring your own Nerf guns and eye protection if you so desire. It’s going to be a great night so invite all your friends! We are serving dinner, so please click here to sign up, we want to have enough food for everyone!
6. WinShape Camp at HMUMC
WinShape Camp @ HMUMC Starts in 12 Days!
July 10 – 14
We have over 400 COMPLETED 1st – 9th graders that will be joining us for camp this year. The theme for 2017 is “All” – “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” (Mark 12:30).
Because of your donations so far, we have been able to give 10 children full scholarships, 14 children partial scholarships and we have thanked our 9 WinShape Volunteers by paying for half of the their child’s camp cost.
We have just a few more supplies that we need and scholarships that we would love to award before camp starts. You can help us out by making a monetary donation or donating to our supply list below.
WinShape Donations Needed:
– 16 oz water bottle cases
– Coke, diet coke, sprite, power ade
– Snacks for volunteers and WinShape staff (prepackaged or homemade)
– Breakfast items: yogurt, fruit, prepackaged items like pop tarts and
   granola bars.
Donations may be placed in the bins outside of “The Rooftop.” Homemade and fresh items may be delivered to the kitchen during the week of camp anytime between 8:30am-12pm.
To learn more, make and online donation, volunteer or sign up for camp, visit www.hmumc.org/winshape.
7. Family Mission Trip
Family Mission Trip
November 19 – November 22
Info Meeting on July 16 at 12:15pm in Room 339
If you’d like to learn more about HMUMC’s Family Mission Trip in November, please join us for an interest meeting to learn more about the trip, have your questions answered, and get to know other families interested in serving together. www.hmumc.org/familymissiontrip
8. Volunteers Needed
Join the Kitchen Angel Ministry!
Would you like to make some great new friends, all the while experiencing the joy that comes from service? The Kitchen Angel Ministry is a group of over 100 volunteers who prepare the Wednesday Night Meals for our church. We are divided into four teams so no one has to work more than once a month. Day team members work on Wednesdays starting at 9:00 a.m. and stay for as many hours as they choose. The night members serve and clean-up from 5:00 p.m. til about 7:00 p.m. Wednesday Night Meals run in conjunction with the school year, August – May. Please call Susan Gulden at 770-827-6315 or 678-546-1825 to see how you can become a member of this rewarding ministry.
9. Ministry Save the Dates
Next Ministry Meetings

Men’s Ministry Monthly Meeting – July 17 at 7pm 

Women’s Ministry Monthly Meeting – July 20 at 7pm
Ladies and Gentlemen, please save the date for the next men’s or women’s ministry meeting! All are invited!
10. HMUMC Celebrations
Trinity Soup Kitchen
From Our Trinity Soup Kitchen Mission Leader, Tracy Goodbar:

There were around 75 volunteers over the two days of service for Trinity, 35 for food prep and 35 for Sunday service, both of which were perfect numbers.

Saturday, we had a crew in the kitchen preparing fruit cocktail and adding fresh fruit to it and a crew in the Student Center making 400 meat and cheese sandwiches. Another crew was in charge of packing to go bags, which contained peanut butter crackers, a chicken or tuna salad in a pouch, applesauce, cookies, hand wipes, a bottle of water and then the meat and cheese sandwiches were refrigerated overnight and added to the bags on Sunday. Everyone pitched in and made room for folks who were constantly streaming in, and all generations were represented, which I LOVE.

The Sunday group included several people who had gone before and many who had no idea what they were getting into. We had quite a few teenagers working alongside their parent, with the youngest volunteer being 13 and some volunteers approaching the age of 80. We served approximately 200 plus guests a delicious meal which included a chicken patty with cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a bun, chips, cookies and fresh fruit. And to drink, milk, which was a big hit, especially when the Trinity Table coordinator brought out the chocolate syrup and made chocolate milk for those who wanted it. The HMUMC Pantry was also generous with some extra supplies for the women and children who live at the shelter during the week.

One of the many blessings is that the volunteers work alongside a group of men from Trinity House and they add so much personality and willingness to help in various ways. At the close of our service, one of the residents shared his lifelong struggle with drugs. He grew up on the streets of Chicago with a father who was also in the drug business, and he admitted he lost a relationship with his children and ruined the life of his ex-wife in the process of supporting his drug habit. Trinity House has been a true God-send for him and offered him a chance to clean up his act and get off the streets. He said that he could have formerly been any one of the guests that we served on Sunday, and he prays he will not return to that life and has such compassion for the street people he sees every day. He also prays that his children will someday let him back into their lives, and he hopes to make amends to his former wife for the pain he caused. He certainly touched our hearts and opened our eyes.

I have been involved with the Trinity Table for the last 10 years through HMUMC, and the most wonderful addition to our team has been Marty Still, who plans the menu, prepares the shopping list and coordinates the kitchen team. I can’t thank her enough!

The hardest part of serving at Trinity is returning to our own homes. At home we see our stocked refrigerator and pantry, we have the luxury of turning up the heat in the winter and turning down the air conditioner in the summer, taking a hot shower, putting on clean clothes, and knowing we are going to be able to brush our teeth and then spend a night in a comfortable bed. Our minds can’t help but wonder where our guests will end up following our Sunday food service. We will all return to our normal lives, but those lives are vastly different.

The most telling example of how God uses us is that almost EVERY volunteer immediately asks, “when are we doing this again, please let us know, this was wonderful and moving, I am forever changed,” etc. Thanks to God and to the HMUMC Mission Committee for allowing us to feed the hungry and nourish all of our souls!

“Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed, for he shares his bread with the poor.” Proverbs 22:9 ESV

Upcoming Events
  • 6/28 – Student Ministry Stone Mountain Trip
  • 7/1 – 7/31 – PB&J Drive for The Pantry
  • 7/1 – The Pantry @HMUMC
  • 7/2 – Sunday Morning Worship Services at 8am, 9:15am and 11am
  • 7/4 – Independence Day
  • 7/6 – Student Ministry Bible Study 8am at Chick-fil-A Hamilton Mill
  • 7/8 – The Pantry @HMUMC
  • 7/9 – Sunday Morning Worship Services at 8am, 9:15am and 11am
  • 7/10 – 7/14 – WinShape Camp at HMUMC
  • 7/13 – Student Ministry Bible Study 8am at Chick-fil-A Hamilton Mill
  • 7/15 – The Pantry @HMUMC
  • 7/16 – Sunday Morning Worship Services at 8am, 9:15am and 11am
  • 7/16 – Family Mission Trip Info Meeting at 12:15pm
  • 7/17 – United Methodist Men’s Meeting at 7pm
  • 7/17 – 7th & 8th Grade Rush Event at 5:30pm
  • 7/20 – Student Ministry Bible Study 8am at Chick-fil-A Hamilton Mill
  • 7/20 – Women’s Ministry Third Thursday Meeting at 7pm
  • 7/22 – The Pantry @ HMUMC
  • 7/23 – Sunday Morning Worship Services at 8am, 9:15am and 11am
  • 7/24 – High School Fishing Excursion
  • 7/25 – High School Mocha Moe’s Meet
  • 7/26 – High School Disc Golf & Menchies
  • 7/26 – 6th Grade Rush Event
  • 7/27 – Student Ministry Bible Study 8am at Chick-fil-A Hamilton Mill
  • 7/29 – The Pantry @ HMUMC
  • 7/30 – Sunday Morning Worship Services at 8am, 9:15am and 11am
  • 7/31 – 8/2 – Student Ministry Service Days
  • 8/5 – The Pantry @ HMUMC
  • 8/6 – Sunday Morning Worship Services at 8am, 9:15am and 11am
  • 8/6 – Blessing of the Backpacks (during worship services)
  • 8/7 – First Day of School
  • 8/9 – Family Ministry Leadership Training
  • 8/12 – The Pantry @ HMUMC
  • 8/13 – Sunday Morning Worship Services at 8am, 9:15am and 11am
  • 8/13 – Kickoff Cookout
  • 8/15 – Chancel Choir Resumes
  • 8/16 – Wednesday Night Super and Growth Groups Resume
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