Pastor Mark’s eNote – In the Bleak Midsummer

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There is a beautiful Christmas hymn, “In the Bleak Midwinter.”  This is my version for a week when the heat index is over 100.
In the bleak midsummer, in muggy heat I groan,
Dehydration, blinding storms, hail and kidney stones.
Radar shows more clouds ahead, rain on rain on rain.
Till the monsoons ease at last … I will still complain.
The midday sun beats down again; my sangfroid is fried.
I’ve changed my shirt a seventh time and thrown away my tie.
Dress more coolly, some say; wear some shorts, relax.
But once you’ve seen my blinding legs; you’ll plead, “Return to slacks!”
I’m a whiter shade of pale; the sun is not my friend.
SPF of 70 is my one defense.
Basal cell and squamous cell, melanoma, too,
For you, these are words to dread; for me a list to do.
Still, summer brings its blessings, some simple and some mixed.
With June now past, we settle in; appointments now are fixed.
But the pews are hardly filled; paranoia’s deep.
Will you all return in fall, or have I lost my sheep?
I’m sure all will come back home; we will be just fine.
But for now it’s not the one who’s gone; it’s the ninety-nine.
So write your check before you leave; drop it by the church.
We have A.C. bills to pay; don’t leave us in the lurch.
Then launch upon an outing in God’s great outdoors;
Blessings are abounding; count them by the score.
Bring those blessings to the church; worship God above.
The pale guy in the black robe welcomes you with love.
In Christ,
Mark Westmoreland
Author: Mark Westmoreland

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