August 2017 Stewardship Update

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2017 Stewardship Update
Status Update on our 2017 Stewardship Campaign. August 2017.
We’re all back from summer and looking forward to the last 3rd of the year. The Stewardship and Finance Committee have been looking over everything, and we wanted to take a moment to share a few important points with you. God is Good!


Our pledged giving is up 20%, or $24,500 more than budgeted to date. This means folks who pledged to give are giving even more sacrificially! In addition, our staff and ministry leaders have spent $176,000 less than what was budgeted to date. This is good stewardship, but we will need to spend most of this eventually to accomplish the goals of our ministries in serving our community and the world.


The addition of our monthly payments for the new Worship Center, along with a decrease in non-pledged giving, has resulted in a deficit of $256,000 to date. That’s a scary number, but the reality is that an increase of just $56 in giving per month by each worshiper would completely eliminate that deficit by year end.


This may be your moment to step out and trust God, who can take the gift you offer and do something wonderful with it. Even if you did not make a pledge for 2017, your tithes and offerings play an important role in fulfilling God’s call for our church. With everyone’s help, we can make up the gap immediately.
Please consider making a gift or donation to the general fund of Hamilton Mill UMC to support 

God’s work through our church.

You may also call our email
Barbie Marrerro, our Finance Director
with any questions. | 770-271-8855 x104
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