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     It’s a good day, and a rare one, when the whole family makes it to the table. If you’ve ever tried to coordinate a get-together with siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, you know what I mean. It’s no small feat. Goodness knows, even getting parents and kids at the same table at the same time is challenging enough.

     So, this Sunday is going to be a good day. The family is getting together. Our children and students who normally participate in the Rooftop or E3 are invited to join their family and church family in worship (Nursery and classes will still be provided for those four years and younger). In all three of our services, all of us will gather at the table that defines us—the Lord’s Table—and all ages will celebrate Holy Communion together.

     And it gets even better. This Sunday is a day for the whole, glorious, beautiful EXTENDED family as well; October 1 is World Communion Sunday. From around the corner and around the world, brothers and sisters in Christ will take their place at the amazing, ever-expanding, always open table. From the nations of Africa and Asia, from South America and Europe, from the hurricane-ravaged islands, and from one coast to the other, they will come. But don’t let the crowd make you nervous. I guarantee you there’ll be room for you and your household and anyone else you want to invite. The One who invites us all has made sure.

     On this Sunday, from morning till night, somewhere in the world, Christians will be breaking the bread and lifting the cup. Not an hour will pass when someone is not gathering at the table. And we will be a part of it. Many languages, many lands, one table, one Lord.

     As you prepare your heart for the sacrament, offer a prayer for the church. Start with Hamilton Mill UMC and the people who will gather with you Sunday. Pray for our United Methodist Church and the ministries we share. Pray for the churches down the street from us. And pray for the great big, glorious, universal Church that includes us all. “I believe in the holy catholic church,” we say, and Sunday we will celebrate that catholicity. There is always room for all at the Lord’s family table, and that means—I guarantee it, beyond any doubt, cross my heart—there’s always room for you.



In Christ,

Mark Westmoreland

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