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     Mail is coming!  For you!  Soon.  From the church you’ll soon be receiving a small packet.  In it you’ll find a description of our 2018 “Take Care” Stewardship Campaign.  There is nothing unusual in that; it happens about this time every year, as we prayerfully consider once again the place God’s work will hold in our financial planning for the year ahead.  It’s important. Our giving is a part of our spiritual life, our relationship with Jesus Christ, and our commitment to his kingdom in our world.  Our stewardship of all that we have in this world is a matter of trust in God and thanksgiving for the blessings we know.

     There’s nothing new in that.  The tithe is still the standard.  Our prayerful giving is still essential.

     But this year is different, too.  This year our campaign is a two-pronged effort.  We will consider our ongoing support of our operating budget, the lifeblood of our ministries together in Christ’s name, but we are also invited to make a three-year commitment to debt-reduction.

     Our new worship center and the student center soon to be completed are vital parts of our ministry.  This campus is a place of grace and life for our community and a place of worship, fellowship, and growth for all of us.  Our new facilities have enriched our ministry and our life together, but, like all things in this world, they come with a price tag.  Our financial support in this arena is also vital.

     When you decided to build for the kingdom, you took another step in faith.  Now we continue that walk with Christ, one step at a time, as we work together to reduce our debt and enrich our ministry together.

     So, I invite you to have a conversation as a household and to pray earnestly as you consider your role in God’s kingdom and our future as God’s people called Hamilton Mill UMC.  In 2016 our church led the annual conference in membership growth.  So far this year 65 people have professed their faith in Jesus Christ for the first time.  We share Christ’s love with thousands of people locally, and we are involved in missions around the world.  That’s good news, and you are a vital part of it all.

     We will continue to touch lives with grace and serve God’s kingdom in this world, because that is God’s will; we’ve made a decision to serve; and the Holy Spirit will empower us.  Together we are the Body of Christ, and there is no limit to what God can do through us.  So, let us pray, give, and love.  It’s who we are.


In Christ,

Mark Westmoreland

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