David Benson

David Benson

Director of Student Ministries

Our Director of Student Ministries brings vast experience and energy to our Student Ministry. Throughout his many years of ministry experience, David has proven that he can engage students and leaders in effective ways.  David has a BA in Youth Ministry and a certification in Organizational Management, both from Southwestern. He also has a certification in Youth Ministry from YMI, Orlando. David is well qualified for this position with over eight years of full time Youth Ministry, as well as experience as the Co-Director for Adult Workers with Youth People Committee for the Florida Annual Conference. David and his wife, Claire Benson have been married for over seven years. The couple has two children, John Hodges and Larson.

Q&A with our Director of Student Ministries

What has God called you to do here at Hamilton Mill UMC?
“I believe God has called me to HMUMC to encourage, equip and empower students, leaders and their families in their relationship with Jesus. I believe God has called me to join a team of Christ followers, to connect and grow a generation of young people to Jesus.”

What is your vision for what you do?
“I vision our Student Ministries with passion driven young people, spirit driven leaders and a family of believers creating a culture of discipleship that expands beyond our church building. I vision a Jesus that is contagious and an ever growing number of students, parents and leaders that want more.”

Where would you like to see the Student Ministry in five years?
“I would like to see our Student Ministry become an integrated part of the church, a place where families can grow in their faith and an environment that produces next generation Christian leaders. I want to see students taking the words of Christ into their schools, work places, sporting arenas and homes. I see our student ministry in the next five years growing deeper in Christ and wider in His influence in the world.”

Where are you praying for help?
“The more Christian influences a teenager can have, the better; and I believe there is a place in student ministry for everyone. I’m praying for past, present and future leaders to continue in Christ call to make disciples of our young people.”