Heather McCreary

Student Ministries Program Manager

“I hope to provide a loving and nurturing environment for our students.”


Our Family Ministries Administrator, Heather McCreary is dedicated to providing a loving and nurturing environment so parents can feel secure knowing that their students are in a safe place where they can learn about God and have fun while doing it! Heather has a BS in Education from Auburn University. She was a 2nd grade school teacher in Gwinnett County before her and her husband Jeff had their three beautiful children, Griffin, Molly and Camden. After having children, Heather stayed home for four years, and then served as the assistant director of the Hamilton Mill Preschool for eight years, and as MMO and Nursery director for one year before joining the Student Ministry team.

Q&A with our Family Ministries Administrator

What is your vision for what you do? We already have a great staff on board; they love students and have a great love of God.  I hope to reach out to more new parents and students to help them get connected in our amazing student ministry.

Where would you like to see your ministry in 5 years? I hope to help continue to expand and grow our student ministry program.

Where are you praying for people to help? We are always in need of loving adults to volunteer. I pray that the Lord will lead those in our church with a heart for serving students. I also pray each day that our staff will continue to be blessed with caring, kind people that have a strong love of Jesus.