Jason Mincey
Jason Mincey
Associate Pastor

Jason Mincey, our associate pastor, has a passion for pastoral care and counseling. He is dedicated to making every person that walks through the doors of our church feel welcome. Every newcomer that visits our church on Sunday receives a personal phone call and a letter from pastor Jason. He also leads our newcomer orientation program, called Starting Point. One of Jason’s favorite roles at our church is serving as the primary cheerleader for our United Methodist Men’s group. He is happily married to Kim, his wife for over 19 years. They have two daughters, Maggie and Mackenzie. Jason has a Bachelor in finance from Kennesaw State and an MDiv from Emory’s Candler School of Theology. He worked with BellSouth for 15 yrs, and then felt called to ministry. Jason has been a pastor since 2003, and has been an associate pastor at our church since 2008

Q&A with Pastor Mincey

What is your vision for how you hope to serve our church?
I love to help people realize that putting your faith in Jesus Christ is about much more than just punching your ticket into heaven. I hope to encourage people as they begin to live the abundant life that Christ wants for us through building meaningful relationships and through serving others in God’s name. This is the most exciting and rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

Where would you like to see your ministry in five years?
I hope to be doing then exactly what I am doing now. The biggest impacts for the Kingdom of God are made one prayer, one conversation, and one relationship at a time. Every time I focus on doing things ‘bigger and better’ in the future, I lose sight of the person who needs to experience God’s love right now. When I stay focused today on building strong relationships and encouraging individuals to live bold Christ-centered lives, God always takes care of tomorrow.

Where are you praying for people to help?
I’m praying for God to send more men to our United Methodist Men’s group. We have tons of opportunities for men to grow in their faith and to reach out into the community with love through service, but we need more guys to come and take part. Men everywhere are missing out an awesome part of life – the experience of serving others alongside other guys. We have a lot of fun hanging out, growing and serving together. I want every man to know what that feels like.