Life Group Leader Luncheon

LifeGroups exist to help people connect relationally and grow spiritually through intentional times of fellowship, study, and support together.



LifeGroups meet in people’s homes for an hour and a half to two hours at least every other week.  Each LifeGroup is unique, but during gatherings groups typically:

  • Fellowship: Meet regularly and share what’s going on in one another’s lives
  • Grow: Discuss the Bible or book that the group decides on
  • Support: Pray for one another, their families, and the community
  • Serve: Actively seek out ways to serve God and others in the community together

LifeGroups are ongoing and new groups launch at GroupLink each September and January.

At this LifeGroup launch event you’ll be able to meet other people interested in getting in a LifeGroup, talk to those already in one, and find a group that fits you in person. Childcare will also be provided. If you’re interested in joining a LifeGroup, the form below will let us know you’re interested in and we’ll reach out with more information


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  • Other Needs

If you’d like to learn more, contact Rev. Natalee Dukes Hamby at