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HMUMC’s Children’s Choirs Ministry

Wednesdays 5:00pm to 6:00pm | During the school year | Resumes in August, 2017


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As parents, training up our children in spiritual matters is something we take seriously and we certainly take it seriously here at HMUMC. Our Children’s Choirs Leadership is working harder than ever to provide a quality, Christian based experience for each of our children. We want to give all our children the opportunity to become worship leaders NOW, for today’s church, and also for the church of the future.   And while we do that, we want them to have lots of fun, and to enjoy being creative as they discover their God given gifts and talents with old and new friends in our church family.

Your children will come home smiling after learning all kinds of inspiring Biblically based songs, hymns and choruses as well as some “just for the fun of it” songs! They’ll play instruments, they’ll move and most of all they’ll sing. As worship leaders, our Children’s Choirs will sing regularly (once every 4-6 weeks or so while in session) during morning worship, and they’ll present a Christmas and Spring Musical program too! There may even be an outing or two!

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Kids CrosSing has two choirs

CrossWalk – The Younger Children’s Choir will include children 3 years old through 1st Grade. They claim their name from learning to walk as Christ would have them. CrossWalk will be directed by Christy Lueke.

CrossWay – The Older Children’s Choir will include children 2nd through 6th Grade. They claim their name from learning to follow Christ who is The Way, The Truth and The Life. CrossWay will be directed by Donna Locke.

Kids CrosSing  affirms that children are the church of today!

The spiritual goal of Kids CrosSing is to partner with parents, leaders, and volunteers to unlock and nurture every child’s God given gifts and talents and to provide worship leadership for today’s church and also for the church of the future.

To accomplish this we will incorporate the following priorities into Kids CrosSing.

  1. That children would come to know and have a personal relationship with Christ through the understanding of scripture and Biblically based music.
  2. That each child would feel loved, appreciated, and encouraged in the community of each choir, thus building self-confidence.
  3. That their creative spirits would be cultivated through a safe and loving environment.
  4. That each year their knowledge of musical elements will grow through support of a variety of teaching methodologies, structure, and application via voice, instruments, and other creative elements.
  5. That they will have opportunities to apply what they have learned through various presentation means–Sunday morning worship, seasonal musicals, and community outreach programs.
  6. That each child, no matter how God has gifted them, would be nurtured through the use of verbal, auditory, and kinesthetic music learning opportunities to reach the fullest potential of God’s call upon their lives.
  7. That each child would get to explore the gifts and talents that God has given them, and in doing so discover who God has called them to be.

We want to make Kids CrosSing fun, spiritually uplifting, and helpful in building positive, confident children for Christ!

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