Welcome Parents!

Scripture is clear that parents have been given the joy and responsibility of raising their children in the ways of Jesus. Parents are the primary voice and point of influence in a student’s life. As students experience both pain and joy in life, parents are to help their kids see those things in light of the gospel.

That being true, here at HMUMC it is our goal to come along side parents, and to support you and partner with you in the spiritual development of your students! Please let us know of any way we can serve you. Listed here are some resources that may help you to better connect with your student(s) so that you can take the lead in teaching them to follow Jesus Christ. Just click on the links below and it will take you to the appropriate page to provide you with some great resources!


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Plugged In Online | www.pluggedin.com – This is a great resource to keep you up to date on youth culture and entertainment. It has reviews on TV shows, movies, video games, music and more as well as other resources for you as parents!

Got Questions? | www.gotquestions.org – An easy to use site that contains answers to thousands of theological and biblical questions. A great resource to have on hand when middle schoolers ask you random questions like, “Why didn’t Jesus come as a woman?”

Center for Parent/Youth Understanding | www.cpyu.org – a one-stop shop for all things related to youth culture. This website keeps a close ear to the heartbeat of youth culture trends and happenings. You’ll find tons of great articles and research all about teens and how they are affected by culture.

Parent University: Social Media Awareness


Best Ever Parent Event Ever



The link below is to a website that contains a wealth of information about Methodist scholarships.

Methodist Scholarships